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Walking with Mary: A Geeky Review

If you consider faith a journey, then I really recommend Edward Sri’s Walking with Mary: A Biblical Journey from Nazareth to the Cross. It provides you with a path that will allow you to explore the sights that many people (myself included) typically pass by without a notice. In this book, we see the path of Mary, the mother of God. The subject of Mary is one that is typically avoided by most Christian denominations. We may see her in the nativity set during Christmas, but she typically disappears for the rest of the year. She is certainly more present in Catholicism, but even Catholics tend to overlook many of the details of Mary’s life that are present in the Bible. As a result, we lose a very valuable series of lessons that we could learn if we were to walk the path that Mary walked from the annunciation to her queenship in heaven.

In this book Sri offers a richer understanding of the moments in Mary’s life that played such a central role in the history of salvation. He incorporates the writings of saints like Pope Saint John Paul II to draw us deeper into the life of Mary so that we can use her as an example of how Christians are to embrace God’s will and live our lives with humility and steadfast faith. Sri takes these writings and weaves them together with tradition and history to give us a personal introduction to Mary, an introduction that allows us to familiarize ourselves with Mary, putting us in her shoes and allowing us to view her as a role model that we can relate to. 

Sure, the world was a lot different two thousand years ago, when most of the events in the New Testament took place…but there are feelings, experiences, and lessons that transcend time and culture. In essence, you can read this book and get to know Mary and learn how you can follow her footsteps toward holiness. Each chapter introduces you to a moment in scripture in which Mary serves as an example for all Christians, it draws you deeper into life as Mary saw it, as she experienced it. You find yourself relating to moments in her life, moments of sorrow as well as moments of grace. By helping you identify with Mary in these moments, Sri makes it easier for you to look to Mary as an example of how to confront difficult trials as well as joyful things like motherhood.

All in all, this book was a very delightful and inspirational read that is sure to help you on your path to holiness. I would highly recommend this book to all women, especially those who have come across difficult, trying times and those who are at a stage in their life where they feel they are at some kind of crossroads. The structure of this book makes it a wonderful book to read prayerfully as each chapter provides excellent material for meditation on Mary’s life.

Disclaimer: I was offered a free copy of this book for review by Blogging for Books. All words and views expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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