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God help Pelosi...because she needs all the help she can get

Sacramentals, like blessed rosaries, carry a source of power that cannot ever be ignored or subdued by evil. When our Lady of Lourdes appeared to St. Bernadette, it is said that this miraculous encounter was imitated by children who also professed to hear and see Our Lady as well. These children were either hysteric, under demonic possession, or simply seeking attention. Their purpose in the events that followed this apparition was simply to discredit St. Bernadette and the apparition. God grants great miracles, but challenges certainly tend to follow these miracles. Just look at the trouble preceding the acceptance and mass publication of Sr. Faustina Kowalska's Divine Mercy in My Soul! This book was once banned by the church due to a misunderstanding following faulty translation...until Bl. JPII intervened! Just look at how many trials the saints had to go through before achieving sanctity! Just look at the persecutions that had to take place before people were even allowed to publicly practice Christianity (and the persecutions that occur even today)!

I don't want to get too off topic here, so I will just get to the meaty part of the St. Bernadette copycats story. It was difficult to distinguish right away whether or not these St. Bernadette copycats were actually experiencing visions as well or if they were frauds. However, one thing that stood out between these children and St. Bernadette was that these children would not pray with blessed rosaries. They had many new rosaries they prayed with, but for some reason, they avoided the blessed rosaries and would not pray with them. After noticing this aversion to sacramentals, people soon started picking up on other attention-seeking behaviors and actions that did not add up. Suspicions continued until it was finally revealed that these children were frauds. However, even with these pseudovisionaries, the words of Our Lady of Lourdes withstood the test of time and St. Bernadette attained sanctity. The site is still a site of miracles and there are countless pilgrims that keep going back to that grotto every year. Truth works like that....regardless of how much evil tries to tarnish it. God works like that....regardless of how people try to take him out of the picture.
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Which brings me to Nancy Pelosi. I know a lot of people aren't too happy that President Obama passed off rosary beads that had been blessed by Pope Francis to Pelosi this Tuesday. I know where she stands in terms of abortion and all I can say is that she is going to need all the help she can get when it comes to conversion of heart as well as mind. With that said, as much as I envy her for getting these beads....these beads could not have gone to a soul in more need of help and intervention than Nancy Pelosi (given her status as both a Catholic and politician). I do not believe that this rosary was given to her by chance or by accident and I have a feeling that Pope Francis knew exactly what he was doing when he passed off the rosary as a gift.

A rosary blessed by St. Peter's successor, I'd imagine, is a very powerful sacramental and I believe that there are many graces that can come from this gift. I have faith that Nancy Pelosi may one day turn her back on PP and all those other pro-abortion interest groups if this rosary leads her to prayer and if this prayer, in turn, leads to a St. Paul-like metanoia. She could have declined this rosary and it could have gone to Biden or any number of other Catholics in DC that have focused more on the self-interest groups funding their elections than they have on the Church they claim to follow (whenever they want to garner that Catholic vote). However, I am sure that God is taking care of these individuals considering how many times I've been asked to pray for them and have participated in prayer for them.

Instead of pushing God out of the picture here by protesting how little Pelosi deserves this sacramental, how this is all a travesty, and how she should be denied sacramentals/communion/ about we focus on her conversion? How about we begin to consider that this may all be part of God's plan for ultimate good? How about we pray for her to pray with this rosary, that she may be enlightened by the Holy Spirit as she prays each decade. If you've ever heard of what the green scapular and the Miraculous medal are capable of in terms of should not doubt that this rosary should be able to pull this very misguided soul back to God so that she may one day actually surprise even her biggest naysayers. I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to see her working on legislation to protect the lives of the unborn...rather than sending them to slaughter for the sake of PP and other self-interest groups with deep pockets. Pray for her conversion and pray that this sacramental may protect her soul from peril.

Think about it, unlike the fraudulent visionaries in Lourdes...Pelosi actually accepted the rosary. She could have avoided it...and this, I believe...must mean something.

Pax Vobiscum

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