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Gingerbread Vatican

I am not too big on making gingerbread houses, and can probably count on one hand the number of gingerbread houses I ever made. This year, however, I came across this lovely masterpiece at Church of Saint Gregory the Great. Yes...allow me to introduce you to the Gingerbread Vatican. 
Just look at those gummy bear saints, the Necca wafer mosaic, the licorice pillars, and the colors! I would have had the husband take more pictures of this spectacular work of edible art, but we wanted to get seats for the Christmas mass that was about to take place. The artist(s) responsible for this magnificent gingerbread art paid a lot of attention to detail. Just look at the frosting water spouting from those fountains and the papal insignia. Also, in the photo below, you can see just how massive this thing is in relation to my mantilla-clad self. Doesn't it just look awesome?!?

I don't care much for gingerbread houses...but I may just be tempted to create my own gingerbread Vaticans in the future.

Pax Vobiscum

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