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Mass-Appropriate Attire

To the husband this morning: "You're wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt to mass?!?!"
Image Credit: Evilqueen112 at Deviant Art
I don't really mind what everyone else wears to mass, but Led Zeppelin from the man who just three weeks ago was standing at the altar with me wearing coat-tails and a bow tie? Fortunately, my husband *changed his mind* about the t-shirt. Okay, maybe I had something to do with it...

After the looks of disapproval, I went into the closet and picked out a nice white cotton button down shirt, a blue pinstripe vest, and a black Irish flat cap. He switched up the pants he was going to wear and next thing you know...I've got the most dapper man sitting next to me during mass. Huzzah!
Very dashing if I do say so myself...

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