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You all probably heard a girlish squeel a few minutes ago. The source of that squeel was me and I have no regrets. Why? BECAUSE THIS AWESOME SHIRT CAME IN! The super fast shipping is definitely a +1 for Monkrock. It feels like just yesterday I was contemplating the purchase of this gorgeous tee. 

Now I am all ready for the canonization of Bl. JPII! Just look at the joy on my face! 

Here I am sporting the coolest shirt I ever owned!

And just look at the back of this awesome shirt! Even more Bl. JPII! 
Here I am pointing to the name of one of the greatest popes we've ever known!

Speaking of more B. JPII, Monkrock is currently running a promotion with these you get a free book on Bl. JPII that is full of images, biographic information, and all kinds of other material that I've only been able to skim through thus far (and promises to be a good read). 

My day is made (which is saying something because I spent 5.5 hours of my day slicing a brain).

Pax vobiscum! 

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