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Saint Chesterton

Rumor has it, the cause for Gilbert Keith Chesterton's canonization has been opened....
Image Credit: American Chesterton Society
OH MY GOODNESS. Can you imagine this? 
Saint Gilbert
Saint Gilbert Keith 
Saint G.K.
Saint Gilbert Chesterton
Saint Chesterton

I know it's not his first name...but I think Saint Chesterton has more of a ring to it than any other of the name combinations I've been playing around with since I came across the possible breaking news that Chesterton's cause for canonization was open. I know there's been rumors before...but I think there may be some truth to it. At least, I hope there is. I want this guy to be recognized as a saint. I want his works, and not just his quotes, to resurface. I think the free Chesterton eBooks and PDFs out there have helped bring Chesterton back to the mainstream...but a canonization may give this guy the Catholic superstar treatment he deserves. His works, which helped convert C.S.Lews...may one day help convert this stagnant culture. A culture in need of his fire, his joy, his ability to stir the soul...and his ability to make people THINK.

I was first introduced to G.K. Chesterton when reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. In this series, a character/place by the name of Fiddler's Green takes on the appearance of our wonderful and hopefully-soon-to-be-canonized gentleman and goes by the name of Gilbert. If you look at the illustrations, the listen to way this character talks...and read Neil Gaiman's speech on the three authors that shaped him as a is pretty obvious that Fiddler's Green is an homage to Chesterton. He was a bit of a hero in one of the plot lines in the series and I...without giving away too many spoilers...just loved him during his last appearance in the series. Maybe my subconscious mind (and several references by Bad Catholic) helped me rediscover Chesterton as a writer in recent years. 

I love G.K. Chesterton. Now, I was first introduced to Chesterton's writing when I picked up his book on Saint Francis. I am no longer in possession of this book as I lent it out/gave it to someone a year or so ago.* However, this book was a wonderful doorway to an author that could speak to me. I like some authors. love some authors. I want to become BFFs and have tea with some authors. Chesterton can be counted among the authors found in this last group. I would have loved to meet him...but I was born about a century too late. I know, based on his sense of humor, how he wrote and what he had written about, that Chesterton and I would have gotten along nicely. I simply love his wit and his style. I have never been a huge fan of detective stories. Sherlock Holmes was my only exception...until I plunged into the Father Brown series. I got hooked on Father Brown audiobooks. I listened to Chesterton's stories as I worked in the lab, as I commuted, and as I went on my walks. I simply loved Chesterton...and still do. Especially since he introduced me to Hilaire Belloc.

Well, imagine my surprise today when I came across this awesome piece. Apparently, according to the Curious Truths Tumblr as well as GK Chesterton Quote, Dale Ahlquist, President of the American Chesterton Society, has confirmed that the Bishop of Northampton is opening the cause for Chesterton's sainthood. 

I haven't been able to find a direct link to this breaking news (or to Ahlquist's exact announcement), so I don't know if I have been the victim of wishful thinking coupled with internet rumors. If you are more in the know, please feel free to correct me as necessary and direct me to a source with more information.

I do hope, however, that this rumor is true. His witty (and very prophetic) one-liners are cause enough for me to consider praying for his intercession before he is every formally recognized as a saint. In my personal opinion, he is already in heaven, having a good ole' time with Belloc, Tolkien, Lewis, and many other badass saints. I think he's helped save enough souls to warrant a get out of Purgatory Free card. I mean, word on the street is that Chesterton's The Everlasting Man  was the book C.S. Lewis was referring to when he made the statement that "A young man who wishes to remain a sound atheist cannot be too careful of his reading." Chesterton's ability to recognize and describe the beauty of faith, his sense of humor, and his excellent command of the English language have helped quite a few cross the Tiber in the last century or so. He was also a great defender of the Church and Catholicism as they should be. How could he NOT be a saint?

I will have to draw my own G.K. Chesterton saint card if his cause is pushed forward! This guy introduced me to Belloc and got me actually reading/listening to detective stories (Father Brown series) it is the least I can do.

Pax Vobiscum

*I never let people borrow anything that I would actually mind parting with. The only exceptions are my Bl. JPII relic and my JPI relic...which are both on loan right now. If you are interested in asking for a relic, I will email you the information to help you obtain one...but I don't want to post it online. I see too many relics on sale on eBay and not that I don't trust my's just that I don't want a relic to go into the wrong hands. 

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