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Mother of the Messiah: Prayer Card Series #1

I've probably got more prayer cards in my possession than I will ever know what to do with. I have cards in Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, and even some Latin thrown in. I have prayer cards that are older than I am, some that are younger, and plenty that cannot really be dated. I have prayer cards with all kinds of saints, artwork, photographs, portraits, prayers, you name it. One card I would like to share to you today that is titled "Mother of the Messiah" and features "The Virgin with Angels" by William Bouguereau (1825-1905). It is simply beautiful and has a nice prayer on the back. The card and painting are absolutely beautiful.

In this painting, angels surround Mary as she holds the Christ Child. I always envision angels surrounding the church and parishioners during mass...adoring Christ as he is present in the Eucharist. I always envision a whole other world just beyond the veil...a world that will be revealed at the end of our lives. This world is much easier to envision during mass as the priest elevates the body and blood of Christ, especially when incense smoke and music surround me. If any of you ever considered mass a feast for all senses, you know exactly what I am talking about. If celebrated reverently and properly, it is an ethereal experience. I have been blessed to attend quite a few awesome masses like this and cannot wait until my next earth-shattering mass.

I got this card because I am in the middle of painting a monk holding a censor, with smoke rising from it and transforming into angels that are joining him in adoration of the Eucharist. This is quite a venture on my part because I normally stick to one or two people at most per piece (more people = more time). I needed some help with angel placement, and as I was looking for a card for a friend, I found the Mother of the Messiah card. It was perfect. Just what I needed.

Mother of the Messiah

Most Holy Virgin Mary,
you consented in faith
to become the
Mother of the Messiah.
You are a mystery
of light and perfection.
I pray that the angels in heaven 
who adore your loving soul
may always surround me
so that I may imitate you 
by bringing the presence
of Christ's love and mercy to others.

This prayer is quite beautiful and I hope that it helps you all feel the presence of God, the angels, the saints, and the Holy Souls of Purgatory the next time you go to mass.

Pax Vobiscum

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  1. thanks...i believe this is the image used by the nuns of Mother Angelica... I will have some cards printed and distributed...

    luz uson lopezdee