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Am I Crazy or has the world simply lost its mind?

*Rant On*/
Is it just me or has the world lost its mind?

Don't get me wrong, the world has proven itself to be a special kind of crazy in recent years...but I think this week it outdid itself. The bombing of Syria is looming and way too many people are just sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, and talking about celebrity train wreck after celebrity train wreck. This whole reaction is not completely unexpected by a culture that promotes living in the moment and avoiding anything remotely uncomfortable. Syrian refugess, too touchy a topic. Let's talk about how X did Y at Z and how all of this affirms the fact that our kids should never listen to music or eat anything but organic kale chips for the rest of their lives. Let's turn someone's molehill comment into a mountain, screaming INTOLERANCE and SEXIST...while Russia and China send our precious career politicians a few veiled threats. Do we even know what intolerance means anymore? Better we know the different between simply having a different opinion and actually being intolerant?

Am I the only one noticing how washed down the news is becoming? Probably not...but the level of ignorance I keep seeing on the Facebook wall confirms that not only are people buying into the washed down news...but promoting it. A new celebrity divorce? COOL! Let's talk about it for half an hour as Egypt's churches burn to the ground and Coptic Christians avoid the streets for fear of their safety. THAT GUY is playing BATMAN?!? Oh, the humanity! The horror! Meanwhile, a Montana judge decides that 30 days in jail is sufficient punishment for a teacher caught sleeping with a teenage girl who then committed suicide.

What does all of this tell me? We are a vain and extremely callous nation of fools...quickly descending into a "panem et circenses"-loving mob more concerned with a celebrity's hair color than the well-being of our own children, the lives of innocent civilians half a world away...and the overall state of of our world. Most of all we are uneducated and, to make matters worse, unwilling to either learn or change. We have an entire history and an entire world of knowledge at our fingertips whenever we go on the internet. And what to do we do with it? Catch up on celebrity gossip. We listen to the sugar-coated lies our "news" broadcasters spew and agree with our patronizing government whenever they give us the "nothing to see here, move along" treatment. We follow what we are supposed to follow and fill our minds with distractions whenever anything becomes to uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the government does what it wants, spies on what it wants, and bombs what it wants. And we are told that this is a good thing because heaven forbid the government be wrong about anything...especially if the government happens to agree with the corporations, lobby groups, etc. that helped fund the campaigns of our career politicians.

-Orwell, 1984

I highly doubt we are more informed in our decision to bomb Syria than we were when we made the decision to bomb Iraq. One of the only differences now is that the media, for whatever reason, happens to actually like our current administration. I almost wish G.W.Bush was still in office, if only because our media actually did its job in questioning the status quo and keeping the public informed. I don't feel informed right now. Snowden and Manning. Benghazi. Egypt. Syria. It almost feels like all the news I get is tailored to a mass of people that doesn't care about details. I see more opinion and suppositions in news stories than I see concrete fact or actual journalism. And it both bothers and scares the hell out of me.

Why? It seems like people don't recognize propaganda. Propaganda is not news. It is opinions and suppositions that are, at times, passed off as news. So that is what we are getting today, propaganda and watered down celebrity gossip. And people either fail to realize this, or they fail to care. If, by chance, they happen to care, they don't seem to really question any of it. I know, I am guilty of all of this too at times!

If you think about it and challenge the status are labelled as paranoid.......intolerant...crazy... brainwashed. People start wondering what your political or religious affiliation happens to be so they can immediately categorize and dismiss your opinion based on these rather than facts or how informed your thoughts may be. If your words make them uncomfortable, regardless of how true they may be...forget it. You cannot be taken seriously these days if you happen to think for yourself. You cannot be bipartisan, there is no such thing in this political climate. You cannot disagree with the's wrong and pretty much guarantees that you are a member of X, that vile political movement out to brainwash our children. Even worse, you start getting labelled as an extremist...a dissident. Informed opinions can get you in trouble if the majority does not agree with you...and this will only become more frightening if it is allowed to continue.

Some scary questions for you to ponder as our warmongering career politicians decide to rush us into another war (one we have no idea about because we're too busy talking about nothing):

1. How did we let ourselves get to this point?
2. How do we get out of this?
3. Where is the truth in all of this?

Perhaps I should never have read so many dystopian novels. Perhaps I should never have made an effort to learn about Stalinist Russia and the like. Maybe it would have been better if I had read less books and more celebrity magazines. At least then I would have been able to live in blissful ignorance, caring more about red carpet events than world events and the well-being of my fellow man.

Praying for peace and urging all of you to do the same. /*Rant Off*

Pax Vobiscum

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  1. Couldn't of said it better. Surprised nobody else has commented. More people should speak up and point these things out.