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Tuesday Catholic Humor Featuring the Popemobile

While browsing the web (looking for a bishop's email), I chanced upon Technocatholic, a page containing what are described as "the musings of a Catholic webmaster." In the humor section, I found a list that dated to when Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was pope that I just had to share. I have to say, I had a few laughs.

A List of Stickers Seen on the Popemobile
  • Question Authority. Ask Me Anything
  • Infallibility on Loan from God
  • God REALLY IS My Co-Pilot
  • Honk if You Pray the Rosary
  • Choose ETERNAL Life
  • Speak Softly and Carry a Big Cross
  • All Roads Lead to Rome
  • Say Mass, Not War
  • Give Me Confession or Give Me Death
  • I Brake for Souls
  • Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss
  • Bible On Board
  • My Other Car is Also a Popemobile
  • From Germany With Love
  • I’ll Never Get to Meet the Pope Because I Am the Pope
  • Livin’ the Vida Papa!
  • Hang Up and Pray
  • Sin Happens
  • Make My Day. Kiss My Ring!
  • I’d Rather Be Saying Mass
  • Honor Student in the College of Cardinals
I have to start thinking of Pope Francis-related bumper stickers....
Image Credit: The Telegraph

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