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Connected in Hope

I  know this may be a bit late in coming (due to my hectic lab schedule)....but I entered the All You Who Hope scarf giveaway contest last month. I haven't won anything in quite some you can imagine my excitement when I was announced the winner!  The prize up for grabs was a choice of one of the very lovely scarves from the Connected in Hope Foundation. This organization has helped many Ethiopian women living in poverty by providing them with an employment as well as aid for education, sustenance, and healthcare. The scarves sold by this organization are fair trade scarves, meaning that these women are paid decent wages for their hard work and skill. These wages help them build lives in a way that also enables them to take pride in their work and be recognized for it. I know this because my scarf came with a tag telling me the name of the woman who had woven my scarf as well as an envelope for me to write this woman a letter to tell her how much I loved the scarf.

The purchase of a fair trade scarf from Connected in Hope can change someone's life as well as add some new life to quite a few ensembles. I ended up choosing a green scarf with white stripes (similar to this one)...and it showed up on my doorstep a few days later. As soon as I got it out of the envelope...I fell in love. It was beautiful, soft, lightweight, and very well-made...perfect for the Spring as well as the Summer. I wanted to tell the world about it as soon as I wore it...but vanity kicked in. I wanted to make sure I had a decent picture of myself wearing it before I advertised my new favorite scarf. My sister was kind enough to volunteer some of her time for my photo shoot...but the photographs did not do the scarf justice. This weekend, the fiance was kind enough to help me with another photo shoot...right before we headed out for a pre-Cana meeting with the priest. The photographs turned out wonderfully....and the scarf accented the whole look very beautifully. You can't see my eyes because of all the squinting (it was very sunny), but I the scarf brought out my green eyes very nicely.
I love how this shade of green works with black and brown....
 I don't often advertise things on my blog...but when I do, I do it for a good reason. Based on what I have found after researching the Connected in Hope foundation, I support this organization's efforts to empower women. I can also honestly attest to the very good quality of the scarf sent to me. I'm huge on scarves and have already used this one with multiple ensembles...and I love it. I'm a cash-strapped PhD candidate currently planning a wedding, but hope to support Connected in Hope in the future. I think I may get scarves for bridesmaids' gifts....which may work because of the variety of colors, patterns, and styles I can choose from. There is certainly something there for everyone.

Feel free to "like" Connected in Hope on Facebook to learn more about this organization and the wonderful work they do!

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