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A list of 5 things, places and people I want to see before I die....

  1.  An end to Communist China, Laos, Cuba, and Vietnam...and an end to Juche North Korea. If I could at least live to see China free before I die, I would die very happy. Why China?  I have gone there, I have seen the oppression, and I met some wonderful people there that should be allowed to live and believe as they wish...without state-run media, state-controlled churches, without state-mandated 1-child policies, and without all of the stress that comes when big government abuses people for the sake of profit and power. I guess you can say I have a soft spot for this nation...which could be so great if they could do what they do now without exploiting the Chinese people and robbing them of freedom. 
  2. Ireland remaining pro-life. As the country with the lowest maternal death rates and no abortion, you'd think the world would "get" it when it comes to the risks associated with termination of pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are some pretty powerful lobbies out there and these lobbies don't often really care about what is right or wrong as long as they get what they want. Abortion is murder, plain and simple, regardless of how you wish to justify it....and women deserve better.  
  3. My guardian angel. After reading about the lives and experiences of a few Catholic mystics, I have come to the conclusion that I would love to one day see my guardian angel. They seem like one of the best companions and friends anyone could ever have and mine even has a sense of humor. Even so, I would be afraid of seeing my guardian angel because I get the feeling that I have been a great disappointment when it comes to living a holy life. I cannot even begin to tell you how ashamed I am of some of the things I have done in the past...especially after reading about some of the guardian angel rebukes the saints have had to deal with. 
  4. The Pope. I came so close to seeing Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI when he came to NYC in 2008 (I caught footage of him on my camera...but my hobbit-like stature prevented me from being able to see him above the crowd). Though I did not realize it at the time, this event slowly turned me into a Catholic fangirl over time. Though I had wanted a cardinal from Brazil to be elected Pope and showed no interest in this German fellow, over the years I became a big fan and defender of Papa Bene. At the party following the Young Adult mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral last night, I found myself talking to a nice young man about Pope Benedict. Though we both seemed to love Pope Francis, we could not help but still appreciate that quiet, but incredibly wonderful Pope who we have grown to love over the years. At the mass last night, I got a chance to take part in a mass with some pretty amazing people. Cardinal Dolan's homily was wonderful and I even got to say hi and shake hands with Lino Rulli (without acting like too much of an idiot...which is surprising for me). You should have seen how excited I was at meeting or simply just listening to these larger-than-life Catholics. I absolutely love Pope Francis for so many reasons, ever since he won my heart on that balcony by asking us to pray with him. It was a moment I will never forget. Taking part in worldwide Eucharistic adoration last Sunday was also a moment I will never forget. Throw in the homilies, the humility he has shown, the tweets, and the upcoming pro-Life mass on June 16th...and...well, you can only imagine what my inner Catholic fangirl is looking like these days....
    With that said, I am still looking for a way to get an audience with the if any of you have any advice, feel free to pass it along. 
  5. Every holy site possible. I've been to Fatima, Portugal twice and I have been to some pretty amazing cathedrals in Europe. I've been to some pretty amazing shrines too. Even so, my thirst for holy places has yet to be quenched. I want to hike the Camino de Santiago. I want to visit Lourdes. I want to visit Jerusalem. I want to visit Rome. I want to see so many more Cathedrals and go on so many pilgrimages. I think right now, I want to start with Italy...maybe Rome or Padre Pio's San Giovanni Rotondo (I'm a HUGE fan of this saint and would love to pray here). 
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  1. When I was in Rome 5 years ago, they had Papal blessings in St. Peter's Square every Wednesday. It was among the tour add-ons offered when I purchased my plane ticket through Cheaptickets. I think there's also Mass in the Square every Sunday. I'd check the dates on the blessings because the new Pope may have a different schedule.

    1. Thanks for the head's up. Maybe one day (if they let me out of the lab long enough), I may have to call you up so you can help me coordinate an awesome trip.