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Atheists and Catholics UNITE!

I can't tell you how excited I am that someone thought about creating a website where Catholics and atheists can come together for civil discourse on faith. I am even more excited to announce that this website EXISTS. Don't believe me? Then head on over the Strange Notions, a new website where Catholics and atheists can come together and do what they do religion. I have often said that some of the best theological discussions I ever had involved me sitting across a table with atheist, agnostic, and questioning friends and colleagues. In the past, I have not found the internet to be the best place for discussion with some folk with regards to religion (on comment threads or Facebook, at least) but after checking out the site, I have hope.

I mean, just check out the list of contributors. It is chock-ful of some of the best writers, apologists, bloggers, and padres that the New Evangelization has to offer.

These names include:

Fr. Robert Barron- Father Barron is one of the most intelligent and well-rounded speakers of all time, especially in matters of the faith. If I were a bit older, I would liken him to modern-day Archbishop Fulton Sheen. I thoroughly enjoyed his Catholicism series and am currently in Year 2 of his Word on Fire series (his podcasts available for free on iTunes).

Brandon Vogt- seriously, what hasn't this guy already done for the New Evangelization. He has his own website, blogs, he writes, he speaks, and gets all kinds of great things together.  I mean, he's the father of the world's cutest padre for Pete's sake!

Marc Barnes- BadCatholic is, essentially, my blogfather...the blog that ultimately inspired me to start this blog. I love his writing style as well as his sense of humor. If I liked his blog and New Evangelization efforts any more than I already do, I would probably be considered a stalker.

Leah Libresco- a very intelligent atheist-turned-Catholic blogger (AND fellow geek) at Unequally Yolked. I may not always agree with all of her views, but I have to say that she is probably one of the best people to have in your corner when it comes to apologetics.

...and many more great names such as Steve Gersholm, Mark Shea, and  John C. Wright

I am super excited about this site because, unlike quite a few other sites on the internet, it offers individuals a chance to have their questions answered without an all-around internet brawl taking place. I've already read over some of the posts (and the comments that followed) and have reason to believe that this site may turn out to be a great place for civil (and informed) dialogue regarding quite a few hot topics. There's bound to be something there for just about everyone (history buffs, science geeks, etc).

A sample of articles you will find here:
Evolution Doesn't Select for Ethics by Leah Libresco (SCIENCE! Huzzah!)
Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Just Fine by Steven Gersholm (the comments are also worth a read)
The Alleged Conflict Between Science and Faith by Fr. Andrew Pinsent (another Catholic science geek of the physics persuasion!)

I've only had a chance to explore a bit of this website, but I am liking what I have seen thus far and am confident that we can expect great things here!

Pax Vobiscum and best wishes to Strange Notions!

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