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We are ALL to blame

My heart goes out to Boston tonight...and as sad as I was to see so much horror come out of it today...I still consider Boston to be The Land of Greatness. I've yet to go to Boston because of my hectic schedule, but it is the homeland of the Red Sox and quite a few other things that simply make me happy.

Boston, I have always wanted to visit you and now I am even more determined to do so....because I have always wanted to go to Fenway and because I have always wanted to see the Dropkick Murphys there. And now, I will also have to visit to make it up to you.

The details are still emerging...but many minds have already resolved who it was that is to blame and how awful they are for being behind such atrocious acts. We have liberals blaming conservatives for their anti-liberal ways. We have conservatives blaming liberals for their anti-conservative ways. The non-religious are blaming the religious for advocating violence in the name of God. The religious are blaming the non-religious for advocating violence instead of God. The xenophobic nationalists are blaming the foreigners. The foreigners are blaming the xenophobic nationalists....ETC...ETC....ETC.

Within hours...or even minutes following this atrocious, disgusting attack on innocent many people were already on their soapbox condemning others for the sake of enter cause or ideology here. Who cares about the victims and their families if I can further vilify this person or that group? Who cares about whether I am 100% right or wrong as long as I can use this tragedy to further my own agenda.

This kind of attitude disgusts me. It disgusts me because, as caring or concerned as you are attempting to don't care. On top of that, you continue to propagate this cycle of senseless violence because you are unwilling to care. Whether or not you realize it, whenever you start pointing fingers for an act such as are partly to blame for this tragedy. I'm guilty too because society today does all in its power to polarize divide separate us. For the sake of having the last laugh, we are more than willing to end friendships. For the sake of winning an argument, we are more than willing to dissolve relationships. For the sake of pride, jealousy, and every other vice imaginable, we are more than willing to enter arguments, battles, etc. As a result, as far as I'm concerned, we are all to blame for these atrocities. We are all to blame for every shooting. Every murder. Every bombing. Every war. Everything.

We live our lives assuming that we are right about everything. We live our lives as if our neighbors hate us simply because we disagree over some points. We hate each other and find so much fault in each other...and, because of this, we FAIL each other. We want to be right so badly, that we overlook any attempt at TRUE forgiveness and reconciliation. There are far too many senseless murders out there and far too many fingers pointing soon afterwards. When tragedy strikes, we often turn to blame in those quiet moments when we can either no longer help with the situation or simply want to keep ourselves occupied as we wait for news to surface from a murky, tumultuous sea of rumors. I have no idea who it was that was behind this particular attack.

I think we may end up finding out the culprit(s) soon...but, to be honest with you, I almost don't even want to know....because like it or not, a group of people will suddenly become the new target. If the person or people behind these attacks happen to be minority X, you can rest assured that this minority will soon be persecuted. If the person or people happens to be religion B, you can rest assured that this religion will soon be the next target.

We simply don't get it.

We are too full of ourselves that we never pause to truly reflect for a minute about the things we can do for our neighbor. Instead, we continually focus on what we can do for ourselves. Then we wonder where all of the senseless murders comes from...
I am sure that there were plenty of heroes out there today. Even the most cowardly among these heroes showed far more bravery than the person/people behind this disgusting attack on innocent people...and the finger pointers that came afterward
We simply DON'T GET the fact that all of this madness will continue until we finally snap out of it and start living for others rather than ourselves. For all you know, you could be the one whose act of kindness towards a stranger causes him/her to reconsider an act of violence. You could be the one whose act of love towards a religion/minority/culture/nation could inspire peaceful dialogue. You could be the next Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, etc. if you ever decide to focus on changing yourself rather than pointing fingers.

Please consider performing an act of love in reparation for this atrocity and please keep all of the victims and their families in your prayers. While you are at it, pray for peace and the conversion of our that we may finally (as a community, nation, world, etc) learn to love each other and not just ourselves.

Pax Vobiscum.

You are in my prayers Boston.

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