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I must be doing something right

I don't like debating on the internet. I'm human, I get carried away, I don't like wasting time...and I get carried away. Especially on Twitter. This is part of the reason why I got rid of Twitter for a while. I've tried to behave on my new Twitter account. I've done a decent job of it too. Unfortunately for the pro-abortion movement...I tend to Tweet about the atrocities of abortion, and I tend to defend the unborn in any way that I can. I was involved in the recent #Gosnell Tweetfest and I tweeted and retweeted as much as I could to make sure the American people woke up and started demanding the truth about abortionists like Kermit Gosnell. 

Some "pro-choice" individuals didn't like this. A debate ensued...and just when I thought it was over... lo and behold, I get this particularly cheeky tweet.

A "pro-choice" individual trying to tell me not to have children for fear they will be precious....

Feel free to check out my twitter for the whole conversation leading up to this. In it you will find anti-Catholic bigotry, snarkiness (quite a bit from my end, to be honest with you), and plenty more to entertain you for a at least a minute or two. I won't put the whole thing here, because I had a hard enough time copy and pasting the tweet above. The point of the tweet fest was to bring abortionist Kermit Gosnell's "House of Horrors" to light. Essentially, this abortionist performed all manners of illegal abortion, in an incredibly unsanitary environment (patients got STDs from unclean equipment...THAT unsanitary). The good news is Gosnell is in court and enough tweets were generated to get the attention of the major news networks and even some celebrities. It took quite a bit of big network-shaming to turn this "local" news story into national news...but we succeeded. I can imagine how this must have felt for networks that tend to pretty much ignore March for Life....

Needless to say, my tweets may have bothered a few people. I imagine these people would would like to keep thinking that every abortion clinic out there is well-staffed, clean, and full of sparkling rainbows that lead to pots of gold birth control pills and condom-dispensing leprechauns. Unfortunately, due in part to the naivete of these pro-abortion lobby groups...there are plenty of awful abortion clinics open in the US (all abortion clinics are awful in my opinion, but some of them kill the mothers as well as the children due to inexperience, infection, malpractice, etc...making them even more awful). Much of this never hits the news...but I tend to stay updated on these things with Life Site News, Jill Stanek, Abby Johnson, 1Flesh,  and a few other decent sources.

In one of my tweets I mentioned that our current laws (and lobby groups, etc) allow seedy abortion clinics to continue operating. This was based on the fact that Gosnell's clinic had not been expected from 1993 to 2010 because there were Pennsylvania laws in place that allowed this to happen (which were lobbied-for by, you guessed it, people who feared such restriction and inspection laws would decrease access to abortion). As was mentioned quite often during the #Gosnell tweetfest, even nail salons are inspected more often than abortion clinics (at least in Pennsylvania until recent years).

If my tweets end up keeping people like Gosnell behind bars and away from desperate women, I will keep dealing with "pro-choice" trolls such as this Wildflower character. I may be throwing pearls before swine, but at the very least...people like this will only succeed in making themselves and their cause look incredibly biased, misinformed, and just plain foolish. Women deserve better than abortion and they certainly deserve better than clinics similar to Gosnell's.

Unfortunately, when people like Wildflower advocate for "more access to abortion" as opposed to more routine inspections and laws that would force clinics to operate under the same standards as a typical hospital....they only keep  more monsters in practice. Maybe one day they will realize this. Maybe one day they will truly see abortion for what it really is, the murder of an innocent child and the exploitation of a mother.

Until this happens, I will gladly keep making enemies.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
- Winston Churchill

Pax vobiscum.

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  1. Haha, you shouldn't have children? Just like minorities and the impoverished shouldn't have children? Just like single mothers shouldn't have children because they will definitely end up in jail later in life?

    Keep on the good fight!