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Something to Consider About the Name Francis

Habemus Papam!

So excited about everything I am learning thus far about Pope Francis. I loved watching his humility in the beginning, the words he shared, the prayers he allowed us to partake in, and his sense of humor (yes, I did see a bit of humor in the beginning of his address regarding the conclave finding him at the ends of the world). He seems like such a sweet man and I know we have a lot of good things to come. I felt the Holy Spirit moving the world of believers as our new vicar spoke and I cannot help but think that he is the perfect fit for the present times. On one hand, he appears to be as orthodox as they come...and on the other hand, in 2001, he washed and kissed the feet of AIDS patients. The world needs this kind of dichotomy. This immense love for brother and sister along with the maintenance of God's laws. He is also pretty big when it comes to respecting the life of all, especially the unborn.

Saint Francis holding up our Church
With a name like Francis, perhaps more of this to come?
There is something else about him too...the name of Francis. Yes, there is already speculation regarding the name he has chosen for himself and the implications of each source. However, another thing I thought about regarding the name Francis is a dream that Pope Innocent III had regarding Saint Francis of Assisi when St. Francis approached him about starting an order. 

In this dream, Pope Innocent saw Saint Francis holding up the cathedral of Rome, preventing its collapse. Though unimpressed with St. Francis at first, Pope Innocent quickly realized the importance that St. Francis would be to the future of the Church. Considering how often history repeats itself and how often God's plans seem to come around full circle (just look at how many parallels you see in the Old and New Testaments), something tells me that this is the beginning of a new era for our Church. We may see some walls crumbling from time to time, but our Church has continued as it has for the past 2000 years...upheld by God and His faithful.

Perhaps this new Francis will help hold up the Church in the present time as it enters a new era. Perhaps this is the beginning of the spring Bl. JPII foresaw? Perhaps this man will make a significant impact on the New Evangelization?

Ultimately, only God knows what is in store. However, I can honestly say that I am excited for the future...and excited about our new Pope!

Pax Vobiscum

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