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The Scariest Things

Whenever I hear commercials or see posters advertising the next "scariest movie ever"...I cannot help but shake my head on the inside. Why? Well, you can throw in all the chainsaws and dismembered body parts into a movie and I will not consider it to be scary. Yes, dismembered body parts and whatnot are gross, but I just don't find them to be scary. Before you dismiss me as a cold, emotionless product of a generation raised on guns and violent video games...let me just say that there are things that scare me. There are things that bother me intensely. There are things that have kept me up at night and things that have left me shaking and in tears.

One such thing was a scene in Blood Diamond that is forever engraved in my brain. I never watched the entire movie, but I never forgot what I did see. Years and years ago, I  stopped over to visit my then-boyfriend (aka the Fiance) who was already at the middle/end of the movie. I had watched enough of the movie and/or asked the Fiance enough questions to know what was going on. I really got into the movie and at one point, I found myself staring in horror at the television with shaking knees and tears threatening to stream down my face. The scene that got me so upset was a scene where a father finds and confronts a son who had been taken away and turned into a child soldier. To see the agony in the father's face and the cold expression of a son that appeared to have been transformed from innocent boy to killer was awful. It scared me. I was scared by the kind of evil that destroys a childhood in such a cruel, selfish manner. I was scared because I know this evil exists. Forget "The Ring" and all those other scary movies that threaten to make your hair stand on end... the exploitation of children is as scary as it gets for me. 

Why is it so scary? Well, that scene in "Blood Diamond" demonstrates how easy it is for evil to destroy the goodness within even the most innocent people. It demonstrates how evil will prey on the innocent for its own selfishness and how destructive this evil can be. This evil is alive in places where children are stolen from families and forced into prostitution. This evil is alive in places where children are recruited into gangs and forced to propagate the evil that destroyed them in the first place. This evil is alive in places where children are abused, neglected, and killed. I am scared by the evil that allows for child pornography to exist. I am scared by the evil that allows for child sex trade to exist. I am scared by the evil that allows people to senselessly torture and even murder children for any reason. These things scare me because I know they are real and because these evils prey upon some of the most vulnerable members of our society. 

Please pray for these children tonight...pray that they may be saved and protected from these evils.

Pax Vobiscum

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