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One of the Original Catholic Science Geeks

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"Should a priest reject relativity because it contains no authoritative exposition on the doctrine of the Trinity? Once you realize that the Bible does not purport to be a textbook of science, the old controversy between religion and science vanishes . . . The doctrine of the Trinity is much more abstruse than anything in relativity or quantum mechanics; but, being necessary for salvation, the doctrine is stated in the Bible. If the theory of relativity had also been necessary for salvation, it would have been revealed to Saint Paul or to Moses." 
-Monsignor Georges Lemaître

Msgr. is also known as the guy who first proposed the Big Bang Theory. If you haven't heard of him, drop the rubbish "I-use-science-to-justify-anti-religious-bigotry" militant atheist book you are reading and pick up something more neutral...or go visit the Vatican's badass observatory...or check out this photo of Papa Benedict:
Using a microscope never looked so cool...and Catholic.

How awesome is that?!? My pope uses a microscope (SOMEONE PLEASE TURN THAT INTO A KID'S BOOK)...

Pax Vobiscum

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