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I Love Fertilized Oocytes

I think I may have just stumbled  upon the prolife movement of the future. I will warn you that most of this post  may sound like a lot of crazy...but bear with me until the end and I may just revolutionize your way of thinking.
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If they ever allow me out of the laboratory long enough, I one day intend to go to March for Life donning my science best (goggles, lab coat, etc) and holding up a sign with this amazing image and "Prolife Embryo-Loving Scientist" or "I <3 foetuses" on it. That would certainly make some pro-abortion folk shudder. They often use the argument that the foetus, embryo, etc. is not human and judge those who equate them with babies. Well, what if we reply to their argument by simply saying that we love the foetus, embryo, etc. as they are...without comparing them to babies? I mean, when you break it all down, we defend the unborn out of love....not developmental why not defend the embryo, foetus, zygote, fertilized oocyte, etc. as they are?

Imagine a pro-abortion advocate researching for weeks and weeks, trying to find enough sources to counter the religious argument that "the unborn are people too" and that "all life is precious." They will spend time looking up uber-nutty-feminist articles, etc. claiming that foetuses aren't human. They will look up all the proper classifications of human development to counter the use of the terms like "unborn babies" with uber-scientific terms like "foetus," "embryo," "zygote," etc. Now imagine the deflated ego of a pro-abortion advocate when they realize that their "a foetus is not a baby" pre-emptive strike is up in smoke. I mean, imagine their reaction when they see an "I love foetuses" poster and come in contact with someone who defense the foetus out of love for...the foetus. Not "the unborn." Not "future babies." Just the embryo. Just the zygote. Just the fertilized egg. You name it. Can you just imagine their reaction when find someone who defends the foetus out of love for the foetus?

What can they possibly argue next? They can't exactly say "you aren't allowed to defend the foetus out of love for the foetus" because then they'd have the animal rights activists to deal with (you can't defend animals out of love for animals), the civil rights activists to deal with (you can't defend people of a different race out of love for people of a different race), and every other activist that has ever defended something out of LOVE for something.

Why waste time arguing with pro-abortion folk about the human status of a foetus? I know life begins at conception...but I know better than to argue with a brick wall. Why not just force pro-abortion folk to find another argument? Why not just make it known to them that I love foetuses just as much as I do "the unborn?" They may have to just do the unthinkable and accept the fact that there are foetus-lovers out there and that these foetus-lovers don't need to try to equate foetuses with babies to love and defend them (even if they believe that to be the case). They may have to end up just dealing with the fact that I love foetuses simply because they are foetuses. I love fertilized oocytes because they are fertilized oocytes. I simply love them because I see them as members of that beautiful, amazing process that is human development. You may not think of them as human, but you cannot deny their role in human development. You cannot deny that they are awesome just as they are. You don't have to be an end-product of human development to be awesome. If I could take a look back at my own development, I would recognize my awesomeness regardless of developmental stage. JUST LOOK AT THE DIAGRAM ABOVE! Fertilized Oocyte Barbara is just as cool as postnatal day 3 Barbara!

I know I must sound crazy right now and I give a lot of credit to anyone who can make sense of the madness that is this post. However, I think I am on to something big here. I think I am on to an important sense of awareness that may just revolutionize the prolife movement...the awareness that it is okay to love a foetus as much as an embryo...and the awareness that it is okay to defend this love. How will this play out? Well, the way I look at it is this...I may not be vegan or vegetarian, but I will try to accommodate my vegan and vegetarian friends when it comes to the wedding reception menu. Why waste time and ruin friendships trying to argue with them about why to keep or remove meat from the menu? I think this may be the response to my argument. I mean, I know better than to argue with a PETA member over their beliefs that animals are to be equated with humans. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, but I don't consider them human...and I will continue eating ham sandwiches and sushi...regardless of how offensive that may be to a member of PETA. How can they argue against my defense of the foetus out of love for the foetus.

With this in mind, how can the pro-abortion crowd respond to my love of the fertilized oocyte? It is no more ridiculous than their love of ideas like "women's rights" and "choice." Choice and women's rights aren't tangible, physical entities in and of themselves. A fertilized oocyte, however, is something tangible. It may be microscopic, but it is a physical reality. That, in a sense, throws the scales in our favor.

We do not have to waste our time equating embryos with children when dealing with the selectively deaf... They won't believe us, regardless of how hoarse we get. It doesn't matter whether THEY believe an embryo is human or not, as long as WE love the embryo as much as we love all humans. With that said, feel free to steal the following few sentences and turn them into bumper stickers.

Prolife because I love the fertilized oocytes. 
Prolife because I love the zygotes.
Prolife because I love the embryos. 
Prolife because I love the foetuses. 

Cool places to visit: Physicians for Life, Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League

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