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A Heart on Fire: Catholic Witness in the Next America- A Geeky Review

Anyone concerned with the way America seems to be heading should read Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s “A Heart on Fire: Catholic Witness and the Next America.” Though brief, it is a brilliant call to arms for all Catholics (and others) that are beginning to notice an erosion of principle in the modern world where reason gives way to relativism and complacency gives way to a loss of rights and freedoms. As often as we try to sweep anti-religious sentiment under the rug whenever we face a biased media or laws designed to undermine religious freedom, Archbishop Chaput argues that this is no longer an option.

Drawing on history and the words of quite a few historic figures, Archbishop Chaput makes quite few valid points as to why Christians today need to LIVE their faith and not just defend it. As our culture grows increasingly hostile towards faith and those who practice a faith, Archbishop Chaput warns us to stand up for our beliefs. He warns us about the consequences that our complacency and challenges us to not only preserve, but promote the Christian faith. “Freedom of belief and religious practice used to be a concern that Americans had about other countries. Now it’s a concern of ours.” Archbishop Chaput’s words certainly strike a chord with so many individuals who are currently concerned with the direction our country may take following the elections and the ongoing legal battle concerning the HHS Mandate.

While he defends the faith, he does so in a balanced and respectful manner. He recognizes the weaknesses of today’s Christian community and points out where we have been going wrong. However, he does so without conceding to the popularized notion that the loss of religion in America is inevitable. There is hope and Archbishop Chaput offers plenty of advice for Christian communities in America. We have an uphill battle before us, but Archbishop Chaput reminds us why we must fight and what we have to look forward to once this battle is over.

 Archbishop Chaput’s writing style is likely to appeal to a wide audience regardless of background. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and only wish it had not ended so abruptly. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who needs encouragement and guidance for the days we have ahead of us now that the election is over and our religious freedoms are on the line.

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