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If you have a few seconds to spare, please click ON THIS LINK, vote 5 stars (or whatever amount of stars you feel I deserve), and share as many times as you possibly can! (I will return the favor with prayer intentions!) If the aforementioned link does not work, please click here and look for my entry ("Sting" by "Barbara of Gondor").

I know this is shameless self-promotion...but you probably all know by now that I LOVE Lord of the Rings...and anything remotely Tolkien. If you haven't clicked the link yet...the Hobbit movie has an art contest going on...and I submitted an entry. It looks like one of my entries was accepted and the voting has begun.

The prize? Lord of the Rings weapon replicas.

The entry? A sketched version of Sting. (please see below)

Please, please, please help this geek out!!! (AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!!)

Pax Vobiscum!

Another one of my entries was accepted for the "Creatures" category! Please check this one out too!

Thanks again!!!
*******************UPDATE PART II!!!!!*************************

There was a formatting issue with one of the other entries I submitted...that has now been approved. I give you The Halls of Erebor! Please click on this link to vote!

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