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As ProLife as The Annunciation

The Annunciation as well as the Visitation are two mysteries of the rosary that reinforce my pro-life beliefs. These two mysteries demonstrate the importance of a child before the child is born. They also demonstrate the immense love God has for these children, before they are born...the significance of these children, the purpose of these children, and the potential for these children.. They also demonstrate the immense love that these women have for their children.  In the Annunciation, the mother-to-be is Mary and in the Visitation, the mother-to-be is Elizabeth. In the annunciation, Mary is greeted by an angel of God, Gabriel...and accepts the role that God had intended for her long before she was ever born. She accepts the role of MOTHER. Mother of God and mother of all sinners that ever were and will be. She accepts the child long before the child is born as an act of trust, love, humility...and yes, even obedience.

I can only imagine if this moment in the history of salvation took place today. As a single, pregnant mother, she would be expected to get an abortion. As a single pregnant mother, she would be told that Christ was not a child, but a choice. She would be expected to consider herself more important than the life of her child...and to put herself first. It would not be for health reasons. It would not be out of compassion for the child who would have to one day be born in a manger. It would be out of convenience...the reason for most (if not all) abortions committed today. Had Mary been alive today, I still know she would have still chosen her unknown, future child over the easier alternative. She would have still faced uncertainty and fear for the sake of her child and the salvation of countless other children she adopted the moment she said "Thy will be done." She would have still put God's will before her own, and she would have still done so out of love, obedience, humility, and COMPLETE TRUST in God. 

For all you rosary praying folk out there prepping for tomorrow's Joyful mysteries, I give you my latest work of art... The Annunciation. 

The Annunciation
Sharpie marker and colored pencil on paper
Pax Vobiscum


  1. When I first saw this pic, I thought it was an actual window!

    Mary brings out the best in everything.

    1. Thank you for checking it out! Perhaps one day, when all of this PhD/science madness is finished, I may just take a stained glass course. I would LOVE to actually turn these drawings into windows!

  2. Really beautiful. Apparent, too, how the Church in her wisdom has invited us to meditate on these prenatal moments long before the modern political struggle around new life... I always love and especially pause at the 3rd joyful: the Incarnation. As a child it meant Christmas to me. But wow- as an adult it means so, so much more. Usually I feel compelled to say "the word made flesh" out loud there. Thanks for the reminder of how human and how glorious these prayers are.