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Good news!

I was going to write about this last evening...but figured this much awesomeness merited its own post. Remember that fundraiser I posted about a few weeks ago?

Well, they did it!

Congratulations to Stanton Project and all those who contributed (with money, prayer, advertising, etc.)! We have helped Stanton get the health grant they needed to run their center debt-free. This is what the pro-life movement is all about...making options available to women who just need a little more encouragement (and financial help) to give their children the precious gift of life. Stanton offers women FREE ultrasounds, STD testing, and a variety of other services (some of which PP CHARGES for).

Some lovely (and VERY HELPFUL) ladies!
This is very good news indeed....but not for the PP clinic next door. But they can go cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it...because babies are AWESOME.

For more information regarding the fundraiser...and the journey to its success....please click here. Though they got the grant necessary to run's never a bad idea to keep supporting their mission. Please check out the site if you would like to make a donation to help a future mother in need...and to make sure they beat out their next-door competition.

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