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Finding Science in the Bible

I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this posted by Father Piotr Wisniowski this morning. Why?

Well, the big message here is that God's love is never ending. This promise in and of itself is quite profound and potentially life-changing for those of us who tend to think that everything is against us at times. I know plenty of people who think that they, somehow, got on God's bad side for *insert sin or lifestyle here.* A promise like this one is a promise that can renew someone who has lost hope. A promise like this helps assure us, in the most troubled times, that someone up there is looking after us...that someone up there TRULY loves us...more than we can comprehend or even deserve at times.

This message, coupled with the beautiful mountain range behind BEAUTIFUL and ABSOLUTELY AWESOME because it ensures us that God really does love us...THAT MUCH. However, this message is also all sorts of PHENOMENAL because it also implies something else...something that perhaps even the most learned scholar of the Renaissance never picked up on.

I just really love how sometimes, if you read carefully enough...the Bible gets some pretty complicated scientific things right on target. In this case, plate tectonics. I am sure that people were aware of earth quakes, etc. at the time this verse was first written. However, assuming the Bible was not Divinely in the world would they have described a process that takes millennia? I may not be a biblical scholar, but this line right here implies that mountains do actively vanish over time....and THEY DO. Any modern earth scientist will tell you that mountains do vanish over time through processes like erosion...or the shifting of tectonic plates over the course of millennia (if not billions of years).

The book of Isaiah (as far as Wikipedia has informed me) was written centuries before Christ was born. It was written long before science as we now know it even began. Sure, the people alive at the time when this passage was first written must have had some idea that erosion occurred...but I doubt that most people back then ever really could imagine that an entire mountain could vanish over time. I am sure they experienced earthquakes, but I doubt they understood that the ground beneath them was actively moving in very small increments over time. The very land they tended and the very land their flocks grazed upon was slowly shaping itself in a constant (but very slow) cycle. I can't imagine too many of them staring at a mountain before them and knowing that it would one day become molten rock again. I can hardly imagine anyone having even the smallest inkling that the world was alive in its own way...constantly recycling itself regardless of how many empires rose and collapsed over time.

I can imagine that God wanted to share a little bit of these majestic and landscape-changing rock cycling events (a topic that earth scientists now take for granted) with His people...through the mouths of his prophets. I know I will one day be sharing something as epic as plate tectonics with my I can easily imagine God doing the same with His own children. It's passages like this that make me take a step back from everyday life and really pause to consider just how awesome God is and how excited He must be to share the workings of the universe with us. Why else would we ever have the curiosity to explore the stars and find new frontiers.

It blows me away how people today just read the Bible and don't pick up on stuff like this (including bible-reading scientists). I also can't believe how people tend to dismiss the Bible because it isn't true/factual/scientific enough. The science is RIGHT THERE in front of your eyes if you know how to look and keep an open mind! Call me crazy, but I just can't see some guy in the middle of a desert just dreaming something like this passage on his own. I can imagine some guy staring at a mountain centuries before Christ was born...and simply coming to the conclusion that the mountain would be there until the end of time. However, a passage like the one above...this one MUST have been DIVINELY inspired by someone who knew how the earth continually shapes itself....and who would know more about this than the Creator of the universe.

This is definitely one of my "Whoa, God is a genius!" moments.

Pax Vobiscum

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  1. I appreciate that Genesis is the most believable creation account I've come across *mythology's a hobby of mine): Nothingness, cosmos, ocean, ocean creatures and birds (dinosaurs? haha) and then land animals and us. Other creation myths involve the personification of natural forces, leading to such bizarre results as dead god body parts becoming land formations and creatures.