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Updates: Catholic Science GREEK Edition

This weekend, St. George's Greek Orthodox Church (located somewhere in the mythical land of "Central Jersey") hosted a Greek Festival and a certain Wanderer proposed that we go. I loaded up the Dionysian Wanderer, the Boy, the Boy's sister, and the Fool (aka the younger sister) into Gandalf the White (now sporting yet another prolife sticker, compliments of the Fool) and journeyed off into the land of "all that is good and Greek Orthodox."

1. I tried my first new food of the day: Souvlaki. It was quite delicious and served in generous portions that would make any Greek yaya proud. 

2. This is going to sound embarassing, but I finally got a chance to try baklava. I know how culturally-deprived this makes me sound, but I have to say that the wait was worth it. It was quite delicious, in a sugar coma-inducing way. I would have had seconds, but I had already tried a bite of two other honey-laden foods. They were delicious...but my stomach already felt like it did every Easter when I was a kid and had filled up on Easter basket goods. 

3. I tried ouzo. Holy moly, that stuff is strong! (I should mention that I've been saying Holy moly quite often lately for whatever reason.)

4. I was successfully able to buy a few jars of jams from a Greek yaya. She could not speak English and I could not understand a word of was all Greek to me!....(sorry, I just had to throw that in there). However, at the end of the was a fun experience.

5. I am planning to attend a rally for religious freedom, so I am making sure to cover all my bases. I started off by making sure the biggest base was covered. In other words...I asked my dad if he could bail me out should I get arrested.

Me- (in Portuguese) Daddy, would you bail me out if I get arrested? I will reimburse you if need be. 

Dad- Why would you get arrested?

Me- Well.... (The Fool and I then go off into the whole HHS mandate freedom of religion violation spiel, indicating our plan to take part in the protest).

Dad-....(upon thinking it over, sharing his own thoughts about Obama's shoddy thinking behind this mandate)....Sounds good/Okay(or at least the Portuguese equivalent).

There we have it, I got my dad's okay about protesting. Keep in mind, this was the guy who (before hearing my thoughts regarding the Occupy rubbish) told me it would be a good idea to avoid it and not get involved in it. This is also the guy who has warned me about a few other enthusiastic relatives of mine that have gotten arrested for civil (and not so civil) disobedience in old country and beyond. He was also the guy to encouraged me to fight back if some kid at school decided to pick a fight with me. I will spare you the story about how proud my dad was when I threw some troublemaker boy into some rose bushes when he and a few buddies tried to start trouble with my sisters and me and after school...

With that said, I cannot tell you HOW HAPPY I AM THAT THE ENTS ARE ON THE MOVE! That's right, Obama made a move against religious liberty...and we're all coming together to ensure that our rights as Catholic (Christians, etc) are protected. My hat goes off to the 40+ Catholic Institutions that came together to file suit against this rubbish mandate.

Rock on Catholics, rock on...for we truly are the rock upon which Christ built his Church. We have survived 2000 odd years because we were courageous enough to fight when we needed to fight and wise enough to know when to fight. We have survived because, as unpopular as denouncing abortion/slavery/euthanasia/etc. may be at a given time...we serve God and strive to live by His laws. We have refused to live by the unjust and cruel laws of the Obamas and Pelosis in history.

We live according to the laws of God regardless of how popular sin may be in increasingly immoral civilizations. We fight for our religious freedom knowing that we were not meant for this world...that there is something far greater out there for us. We fight because we are not meant to be loved by the world...and because we will one day stand before God to be judged according to our WORKS as well as our faith. We fight because we know that we must answer for all the crimes we committed AS WELL AS all of the crimes we allowed to be committed through an act of COMMISSION AS WELL AS OMISSION. We fight because even though we know that evil constantly works to destroy the world....we want to keep some good in it for our children to enjoy one day.

We may not live in a perfect world, but we still have glimpses of God's goodness through acts of kindness, mercy, love...etc. We must keep this mercy, kindness, and love alive because the world does not care for any of these. We may not live in a world that loves or respects the dignity of the unborn...but we want the hopeless, tired, desperate, unloved, and hated of the world to experience love and dignity even if it costs us. Even if we are ridiculed for it. Even if our intelligence is questioned over it. Even if we get arrested over it. Even if our name is tarnished because of it. Even if it means being uncomfortable because of it. Even if it means we are abused because of it. We will fight on and continue to swim against the stream because we refuse to give into evil.

Defending the battle at a time.
Even though the world may hate human dignity, hate the unborn, hate Christ, hate God, hate the Catholic Church, hate you....we are still a force that refuses to die by means of complacency. We are a force that will continue to fight the evil of the world....regardless of how popular it may be at a given time and in a given civilization.

I do not love the bright sword for it's sharpness, nor the arrow for it's swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend”
- J.R.R. Tolkien

Pax Vobiscum and keep up the good fight fellow Catholics in whatever way you can!

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