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Rocking Out Like a Padre

I think I just found a new band that somehow was able to combine "all that is good and Catholic" while maintaining the badass allure of rock music.

They're a band called "La Voz del Desierto" (the voice in the desert). These guys hail from Madrid, Spain and their mission is to evangelize through music. They're coming to Costa Rica and Guatemala in August for the Rock'n Rieles festival and they have a website! Man, I hope they tour the US. I would certainly love to check them out in concert.

Somewhere in heaven, I can picture JPII beaming with pride with about how people like this are responding to his call for a new evangelization.

The video for Gethsemani from their album "La llamada" (the call):
Rock on padres, rock on...

Pax Vobiscum


  1. What?! How'd you find these guys?

    1. One of the many Catholic groups/pages I follow on Facebook mentioned them...and I just had to check it out!