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Phriday Phive: Memorial Day Weekend Warrior Edition

I don't even know why I keep calling my update posts "Phriday Phive" considering how often I don't post on time. I have a legitimate reason why I didn't post this Friday...

  1. We had an early day in the lab on Friday due to an early closing for Memorial Day weekend. I looked forward to this early closing as soon as I heard about it...but come Friday I was so caught up in learning a new technique. I will spare you the details in an effort to avoid PETA nuts knocking on my door, but will say that it involved brains. Instead of leaving the lab at 3pm, I ended up leaving at 7:30pm. The good news is I have a new technique under my belt....the bad news is, well, no early day. Fortunately, I was okay with this because I could not drive down to south Jersey anyway because...
  2. Saturday was the day I got to go to Newark to pick up tickets to the one man Lord of the Rings show at NJPAC. I suckered in the boy, the fool, a wanderer, a doctor, and a milliner. I warned everyone that I would be dressing up ahead of the ticket hopefully I don't end up embarassing too many people...unlike when I went to see Return of the King in theaters all those years ago....
  3. I bought Fr. Barron's Catholicism series on DVD as an end-of-semester treat. Someone was selling a used copy in good condition for about $40 on, so I ended up going for it. I've had it floating around my apartment for a while and brought it home for the weekend. I have watched 4 episodes thus far and have been floored by the beauty of each one. Why didn't they have this when I was preparing for my first Communion or even my Confirmation?!?! Watching these would certainly make many Catholics that much better than they are now...if only because they'd understand the beauty and complexity of their faith much better than they do now. If I ever have the time, I would love to teach a course based on these films....if someone was willing to spare a few hours of their weekend to be inspired. In short, I HIGHLY recommend getting this set. If you can't pay the full price for these, do what I did and find cheaper sources. If you wait long enough and are vigilant enough, deals do pop up in the "used" section of I don't really trust eBay for movies and whatnot ever since companies started taking the place of individual sellers...but I am sure there are cheaper places to get movies. Google even has a product search you can access by typing in "froogle" into the search menu. You can type in a product and they search the internet for prices and sellers. It's worth a shot for this series. TRUST ME, IT WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST BUYS YOU EVER MAKE.
  4. I may not have a lot of time to blog in the days to come. My qualifiers are coming up (end of September), but my PI would like a first draft of my papers by the first of July. I have a lot of reading and typing ahead of me, so I may not have a lot of time to myself once I really dive into the work. With that said...please pray for me. God has not let me down yet, but I keep thinking that I have taken advantage of his kindness with all the procrastination, etc. I've been known for. 
  5. I have started the C25K program in an effort to lose some weight and train for the Warrior Dash in NY. My lab mates and I are going to be entering into this day full of fun, obstacles, mud, and madness which takes place in August. With that said, I need to start training and what better way to train than train myself to run 5km nonstop. I have just wrapped up my first week and have no problem jogging for 1 minute straight with 1.5 minutes of walking in between....several times in a row. It's been a good work out and I have even went to far as to buy jogger clothing and shoes. They make a world of difference to someone who, like me, sweats like a pig. I don't sweat like a lady...I sweat like a man...but these wet technology whatchamacallit gear has been doing a fantastic job of keeping me cool. Oh, I almost forgot to can dress up for the warrior dash. There's been a few jokes about what we will dress up as...but I imagine lab coats, Xena Warrior Princess, 80s, and a few other silly options may be the current options we'll chose from. I will have to keep you all posted.

What have I gotten myself into?

Oh, before I go, I have to thank all the Vets out there for their sacrifices. I've known some amazing vets in my day and I truly am thankful for all of the people out there that have sacrificed so much to ensure that the bullies of the world are stopped. I'd also like to give a shout out to the people out there who are still putting it all on the line to ensure that people out there enjoy the freedoms that we so often take advantage of or allow to be lost.

Also, a shout out to my dad and his awesome barbecuing skills. The food was delicious.

Pax Vobiscum

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