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An Ounce of Procrastination for Every Pound of Work...

....or is it an ounce of work for every pound of procrastination?

I JUST HIT THE 50% COMPLETE MARK on my take home final! As much as I dread in-class exams, I dread take home exams even more. Take home exams should all have some sort of Surgeon General's warning like:
You've been given all the time in the world to do this exam, so we've just made it as arduous and long as humanly possible. Side effects from this exam: Your fingers will be bleeding from all number crunching. Your eyes may become permanently itchy from all that staring at the computer screen. You will lose all sensation to your wrists as you type pages of response nonstop for the next ## days.
In an effort to remain sane, and to procrastinate as much as I can when I get tired of looking at numbers...I've been periodically checking out blog posts, some new sites, name it. If there is a way to waste 5 minutes in between reading instructions and building up the nerve to start answering a question...I will find it.

Without further ado...I've found a perfect way to waste my time. It's called LOLSaints...and they have some good ones. Below is my favorite thus far. *Word of warning to all my uber-traditional Catholic readers out there...not all of the images are completely appropriate. Not sure how many of them would be given the Nihil Obstat seal of approval...but the site did get a Cannonball Award....and that's got to count for something.
Thanks LOLSaints for literally making me laugh out loud... my fingers continue to cry out in pain from all the typing.
Pax Vobiscum

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  1. Don't be reading this comment, get back to your final!