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Why Have You Abandoned Me?

Spoiler (in reference to the title): He never did, has not, and never will...

I sometimes write down Bible references I see on t-shirts, etc on the subway or on the street. These will either be referenced as soon as I get to a computer...or they will disappear forever in my messenger bag aka The Bermuda Triangle.

I was cleaning out my bag and right after finding 2 long-lost tubes of Chapstick and more forgotten Ricola lozenges than I should ever have floating around in my bag...I chanced upon a cell phone pocket case that I had created some months ago. On it, I had written Psalm 62:2. I don't remember writing this down or where I got it from...but I looked it up.

Forget just sharing 62:6, here's the whole psalm (Douay-Rheims version, because that's how I roll):

Psalm 62
[1] A psalm of David when he was in the desert of Edom.
[2] O God, my God, to thee do I watch at break of day. For thee my soul hath thirsted; for thee my flesh, O how many ways!
[3] In a desert land, and where there is no way, and no water: so in the sanctuary have I come before thee, to see thy power and thy glory.
[4] For thy mercy is better than lives: thee my lips shall praise.
[5] Thus will I bless thee all my life long: and in thy name I will lift up my hands.
[6] Let my soul be filled as with marrow and fatness: and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips.
[7] If I have remembered thee upon my bed, I will meditate on thee in the morning:
[8] Because thou hast been my helper. And I will rejoice under the covert of thy wings:
[9] My soul hath stuck close to thee: thy right hand hath received me.
[10] But they have sought my soul in vain, they shall go into the lower parts of the earth:
[11] They shall be delivered into the hands of the sword, they shall be the portions of foxes.
[12] But the king shall rejoice in God, all they shall be praised that swear by him: because the mouth is stopped of them that speak wicked things.

King David in Prayer
by Pieter de Grebber

I have my King David moments. I never sent a love interest's significant other to the front lines so that I could go on a date with them...or anything like that. However, I have sinned. I have repented...and, like David...I always came back to God regardless of how many times I go through this cycle of sin and repentance. Fortunately for us, God is pretty good at understanding our hearts and will always be there for us even if we think He's given up on us. He never gives up on us even in our most desperate moments. We give up on ourselves long before God even considers abandoning us. He certainly would have never sacrificed his son in order to save us if we weren't worth saving or if we truly were lost causes. 

Don't let doubt cloud your mind and never let it consume your hope. God has always been with you and will continue to be with you for the rest of your life and beyond. Just trust in Him. 

Pax Vobiscum as we embark on this holy week

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