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An Urgent Pro-Life Prayer Request for Brazil

"Hi, Barbara.
I'm a fan of your blog. I don't know if you remember, but I made a comment once about mantillas.

The reason I'm writing today is a sad, but hopeful one. I'm from Brazil and our Supreme Court is currently deciding about the right to abort anencephalic fetus. And we are losing by 5x1.

Tomorrow, the last 5 justices will vote. We still have a chance and our bishops have called us to pray and do vigils for the children.

As a fellow catholic, a fellow lusophone and a fellow human, I'm asking you to say a prayer for us in Brazil. We are in great need.

Thank you for your time and your blog,
Children of Brazil, you are in my prayers!


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  1. 7x1.But it's not over yet. The justices can still change their minds before putting the votes on paper. It would not be the first time...