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Phriday Phive: Last Leg of Lent Edition

Well, it's almost that time of the year again....EASTER. With Easter, comes the Triduum...and the end of Lent. My sister initially invited me to these sacred services a few years back and I went on a whim. I got hooked. Needless to say, I have been trying to get to these ever since.

1. Unfortunately, I missed most of Holy Thursday mass. I had class and recitation tonight, so I was only able to get back around 20 after 8 and then I had to walk to the church. This is no easy feat when it is cold and you find yourself having to walk past two abortion clinics.Fortunately, I did end up making it to the end of mass and got to see (and hear) a beautiful procession of the Eucharist around the church as the choir sang a lovely hymn in Latin.

3. Much to the chagrin of any militant feminists, eugenicists, pro-abortion folk, and Kathleen Sebelius, I prayed for the unborn as I walked past the abortion clinics. I prayed the St. Michael prayer in English and the St. Benedict prayer in Latin to help rid those places of the evil that preys on women in desperate situations and the evils that prey on certain minorities and socioeconomic statuses. I also prayed for the lives of the unborn, forgiveness for the mothers who chose abortion, and a change of heart for the people who work at these places and any mothers in danger of choosing death over life.

2. On a lighter note, I have signed up (and paid for) a beginner's photoshop class at the local art museum. I am so excited about trying this out! Who may even lead to comics for this blog (assuming,of course, that I can get used to all this newfangled technology).

3. I got a new scapular! It's at least 3 times the length and sturdiness of my old scapular (which was one of those freebie-type of scapulars). My new scapular is sturdy, and made of leather (or faux leather at least) lined with wool. I've been wearing it since I found it and really like it. I have to admit, however, that I cannot get rid of my old (and very tattered) scapular. I kept the old scapular in my pocket instead.

On a related note: 
Does anyone out there know what to do with old scapulars? 
Can you toss them? Is there a special way to dispose of them?
My scapular, just to clarify was never blessed...just worn quite a lot.

4. I realized that I live near a place that sells British goods. Needless to say, I got a monster-sized Cornish pasty there. I also tried Dandelion and Burdock soda...which was DELICIOUS. I may even venture to say that it is my new favorite soda.

Tasty deliciousness!!!
Image from kitchen-delights @blogspot

More tastiness! I could not help it!
5. I discovered Ballykissangel and I now have a new show to watch on Amazon Prime....along with the rest of Downton Abbey...You can thank the Crescat's hysterical posts for getting me hooked on this show. SO MANY SHOWS AND NOT ENOUGH TIME TO WATCH THEM ALL!!!

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  1. Sounds like you've had quite an adventure and a lot of fun!

    1. Indeed I did! You should join me on a trip to that British food place...I think you'd LOVE IT (THEY HAD TURKISH DELIGHT!!!!).

  2. okay about your question of what to do with your old scapulars:

    any blessed thing that is warn out need to be disposed of the right way. the 2 of the most common ways have to do with the nature of blessed things. a blessed thing keeps its blessing as long as it is still that thing. take your scapular, if it was damaged to the point it was not longer a scapular (lets say your dog ate half of it) then it is no longer a scapular it is some cloth with a big hole in it.

    that said the two common ways of disposing of a blessed thing is to cut it up/break it until it is not longer that thing. the other is to burn said thing until it is no longer what it was. both should be done with respect but once a thing is no longer what is was when it was blessed the blessing is no longer on it.

    a 3rd common way is to place them into the ground. when i say this i mean like more then a foot under ground so they do not just come up with the next rain. put them into the ground so as to make them stay there for good.

    personally the first two are the ways i tell people to do things. if a rosary is having trouble keeping together then break apart each link between the beads and then you have a group of about 55 beads (depends on how it was made the exact number) then you can do with them as you want. a scapular can either be burned reverently or cut up into small peaces.

    but you did say they are not blessed so really you can do anything but i still would personally feel better (if it was mine) to either cut up or burn it.

    hope all that helped a little and did not muddy things up.

    1. Thank you for the very (and I do mean VERY) informative response. I am a bit of a pack rat so I have yet to part with the older scapular. However, when the time comes...I guess I know what to do now. THANKS AGAIN!