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PhriDay Phive: Catholic Gondor Edition

Well, I have 15 minutes or so before bed, so I will try to make this a quick one....because I may need all the sleep I can get before teaching tomorrow. A little known fact about me is that I teach science on Saturdays. I do it out of enjoyment than I do the pay... Trust me, if it were just about the money...I would not be getting up on Saturday mornings to teach when I could otherwise spend the rest of the night finishing season 2 of Downton Abbey (you all can thank Crescat for getting me hooked on this show).

  1. My cousins' first communion is tomorrow!!! Talk about a double whammy of all-that-is-good-and-Catholic! They're twins in case you were wondering...and they are two of my favorite little guys...even if they are quickly  making me look even more vertically challenged as the years go by. They're around 8 and nearly as tall as I am!
  2. My final for neuro was this I pretty much spent the greater part of this week holed up in my room with Neuro notes in front of me...chugging coffee and eating doughnuts. I cannot even begin to tell you how unhealthy I feel about all of it...but hey, it's finals. If my brain says it wants doughnuts, I cannot help but comply with its demands considering how much grief it's been through over the years...trying to maintain my geeky GPA. 
  3. I started reading St. Anne Catherine Emmerich's book on the Passion of Christ. OH MY GOODNESS. It is a GREAT read. Apparently, Mel Gibson used it to inspire some of the scenes of The Passion of the the scene where the Pilate's wife gives the Blessed Mother the bolt of cloth that is then used to wipe up the spilled blood of Christ. The small details like this one have certainly added quite a lot to my prayers since they make it easier for me to imagine Christ as a person...and all the other people in his life. As Catholics, we are not required to believe personal revelations such as the ones received by St. Anne Catherine...but can believe in them if they serve to improve our religious life and receive the "Nihil Obstat" seal of approval. I highly recommend reading her books.
  4. I started reading Judie Brown's "The Broken Path: How Catholic Bishops Got Lost in the Weeds of American Politics" and based on what I have read thus far...this work is almost prophetic considering when it was published and what we are going through now with the HHS mandate and subsequent media back lash. I will review the book more thoroughly here once I finish...but in the meantime, keep your seat belts on fellow Catholics (and all others next in line for persecution if we Catholics fail at defending our Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech). 
  5. Speaking of prophetic and defending stuff, I have started likening our battle against the increasingly anti-Catholic media, our not-so-tolerant leaders, and all those other people out on a mission to give us a hard Gondor's plight throughout much of Lord of the Rings. That's right, our current fight is like something out of a Tolkien novel. REALLY. I am serious. Think about it...Gondor has to fight the dark powers of Mordor nonstop for years and years as the rest of Middle Earth parties on. Eventually, the darkness of Mordor spreads to the rest of Middle Earth and spoils many a mead and Longbottom Leaf-laden party...and eventually King Aragorn rises out of obscurity to defeat evil. We all know the ending of this story. However, BEFORE this ending comes a part that we tend to overlook. Way before Frodo even set foot outside of his home in the Shire, Gondor was fighting Mordor nonstop to prevent the evil from spreading. There was a lot of struggle...and the White Council may have helped to some degree, but in the end it was Gondor that kept most of the fight going even though their numbers were limited and even though they needed more help than they were getting from the rest of the world. Somehow, Gondor was able to keep most of Middle Earth free from oppression and Sauron-styled fascism. It was long, they suffered a lot of losses, and they may have lost hope time and time again....BUT THEY NEVER GAVE UP. Eventually, everyone else woke up, realized what was going on (especially when Old Toby was confiscated by Saruman) and joined the fight. Sauron got his ass kicked eye tower collapsed and everyone lived happily ever after (or boarded a ship for the West). However, the lesson here is that we cannot give up when the fight is worth fighting even if our views are unpopular, and even when everyone else seems to hate us...because we're not here to be liked....and we have a long tradition (~2000 years) of making it through tough times...

With that said, ONE MORE FINAL TO GO!

...I totally just stayed up past my bedtime... (-_-)

Pax Vobiscum

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  1. I don't think I can describe how much I like and agree with the comparison you make in #5, especially in light of the current controversy regarding Bishop Jenky of Peoria, IL and Fellow of the University of Notre Dame du Lac.