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Belated Phriday Phive

Okay, so I completely forgot about posting my Phriday Phive update. I suppose, given my emphasis on the Divine Mercy novena since Good Friday...I will let myself off the hook. I have completed my novena and asked God to give away any indulgence associated with the novena I prayed. I asked Him to give the indulgence to the soul out there that is most in need of it. I trust in His mercy enough to be at peace with this request and feel that if I do end up needing an indulgence in the next life...perhaps some other kind soul may help me out through a prayer or having a mass said for me.

Well, this week has been a busy one!

1. I started taking a Photoshop course at the neighborhood art museum...and I LOVED the first day. I am tempted to buy the whole Photoshop CS5 suite even if it does cost a small fortune....or maybe I will wait it out...

2. As far as tax time went, I did not end up doing so nicely. In fact, between the state tax and the federal tax...I owed a couple of thousand dollars. Thankfully, I was able to come up with the funds for it...even if it does make me queasy just thinking about it. So...yeah...I will definitely have to wait for the Photoshop purchase.

3. I gave a presentation on Monday for Journal Club. The topic of the paper was radiation hormesis...which is a pretty cool theory. However, the author of the paper put it lightly...a nut. Needless to say, I had a good time discussing the paper even if I had to take some time to decipher the paper and put a presentation together.
The Doctor trying to fool a few Daleks into thinking the Jammie Dodger
in his hand is actually a Tardis Self-Destruct Button.
Speaking of the Doctor, imagine my disappointment when I found
 out they were filming Doctor Who in Central Park as I was in the city
 analyzing data in the lab!!!!
4. I stopped by the local British shop and stocked up on all that is good and British. I took requests from friends and before I knew it... I had a basket full of pasties, Jammie Dodgers, Penguins, Allsorts, Jelly Babies, a Union Jack, Mars Bars, Maltesers, and Dandelion Burdock soda (I'm hooked!).

5. After mass today (my updates go up to today...), I stopped at my friendly, neighborhood consignment shop to have a look around. I found a collection on...get this...MANTILLAS!!!! I picked up two beautiful mantillas made of black lace. They also had a few white ones, but I already have a white mantilla so I tried not to splurge too much. However, as I decided on the mantillas I eyes wandered to a pair of beautiful Victorian-esque black leather boots. I had a moment of weakness and ended up buying them. The price wasn't too bad...but after tax time...I intended to be a bit more frugal. However, I know from experience that something like these boots need to be bought right away...especially if they fit like a dream.

Pax Vobiscum