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PhD PhriDay Phive

Okay, I will admit, I stole this idea from a few other blogs (aka the Mom, UNiconoclast , The Ranter, and quite a few others). However, in order to not completely rip off this fantastic idea for updating everyone on my life...I decided to make it 5 updates on Fridays. In order to make it even more campy (in an effort to best reflect my cheesy geekiness), I have given the title a PhD theme. I figured the more Ph's and capitalized D's thrown in there, the better. Perhaps I may even have to give it a corresponding logo-doodle if I ever get the time to finish a doodle (let alone start a doodle). ...Or maybe I will be shamed into never doing this kind of thing again. We'll see where I end up taking this thing....well, here goes:

Phriday Phive (the Catching up with Life edition)

1. I updated my driver's license. Apparently, I allowed myself to drive around with a provisional license for the past 4 years. Well, as long as Gandalf didn't mind...I'm still in the clear.

The hair is a HUGE plus in my book...
2. I am now an organ donor. I know, I should have been one at least 3 years ago...but this is what happens when you don't update your license until you absolutely have to.

3. I am now a registered Republican. I am still coming to terms with this and would appreciate any support. However, the good news is that I have a good friend of mine who turned out to be a closet Republican all along....and they are about my age! Thank goodness. I doubt anyone who knew me up to a year ago would have ever imagined me being anything but a Democrat....but times change....

4.  I gave my first hour-long departmental seminar. I got a few laughs in and managed to overcome the temptation of putting in a picture of Hermione at the end on the "Questions?" slide.

5. I discovered the David Crowder Band. I know, I know...I will have to take back most of what I said about Christian music way back when in this post. However, listening to their version of Phos Hilaron may be worth my having to eat my words...

Pax Vobiscum and Happy Phriday!


  1. Dave Crowder is rather an exception - I'll give you that. If you have eclectic tastes, you may want to check out some of my Catholic friends who are doing music well, by getting the message out in secular places without sacrificing music or lyrics (and still borrowing from scripture and JP II...)... Vince of Army of Me and River James, Mike Mangione and the Union, and Colleen McCarron Nixon. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you for the heads up. I will have to check these other musicians out too!!!

  2. Uh oh... she's a Republican.

    It's ok, kiddo, I've been one since the 90s. You'll get used to it :)