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Something Lighthearted...after a week or so controversy

Not everyone has been happy with what I've been posting lately. My open denunciation of abortion, my open support of March for Life, my very open opposition to the HHS mandate, and my support for Komen's defunding of Planned Parenthood on this blog and on Facebook have led to quite a few ruffled feathers, lengthy discussions, and even some very nasty comments and accusations from a few of the internet's anonymous. I'll be honest, some of the dialogue I've had this past week or so has been respectful and I appreciated some of the questions and concerns. However, some of the trolls out there...weren't so nice. Big deal...I have a PI who can make the nastiest internet troll look like this guy...
Cue "harpsichord of learning music" from Full House for every ill-informed,
ALL CAPS, miss-spelled accusation...and BAM!
 It's like Danny Tanner dropped by to say hello....annoying...but tolerable.
In all seriousness, my PI is not as bad as I am making him out to be. He's tough, but fair. However, I am just trying to make a point that working in a lab is far more scary and stressful than anything I can ever read on the internet. If any trolls are reading this, don't bother taking this as a challenge. You can't break spirit has already been broken time and time again by chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, toxicology, neuroscience, and even organic chemistry. Throw in a dose of self-deprecating humor...and the Catholic Science Geek starts looking like the female version of this guy...
Consider this guy to be any one of the badass cowboys played by Lee Van Cleef.
Yeah, I watched a lot of westerns as a kid and still do...they're one of my dad's favorite genres. How in the world did I turn out to love sci-fi and fantasy so much having been raised on westerns? We may never find out...but I do know a badass cowboy when I see one and Lee always played the most badass gun-toting hombres.

Okay, back to the point of this post. I have decided to share a list I've been compiling. It contains some of of my favorite search "key words" that ended up linking people to my blog. Some are hysterical. Others are just plain bizarre. Some of them are all too appropriate. Enjoy. 
  • covert operations and catholics 
  • god science and mercy 
    • Because we science PhD's definitely need a lot of mercy
  • i want to marry sirius black 
    • Don't we all?
  • geeky christian bands 
    • Aren't all Christian bands geeky for Christ?
  • cool catholic pictures 
    • Yeah, I haven't been following up on my "Cool Catholics" posts. However, someone else has...and they're blog is worth a visit. Check out Universal Coolness!
  • pope facepalm 
    • The HHS Mandate certainly deserves one....
  • kathleen sebelius heresy  
  • st joseph of cupertino exam prayer 
    • I'm so glad I got a few people into this.
  • catholic prayer religious freedom 
  • catholic woman scientist 
    • I'm on my way there!
  • is it better pray in english or latin 
    • No brainer...definitely Latin.
  • body respect women 
    • Theology of the body anyone?
  • badass catholic pics 
  • catholic women giving up facebook for lent
Pax Vobiscum

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