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Only the Penitent Man Arrested?

How to get arrested like a badass, Pro-Life Padre:

Step 1. Decide that you should stand up for what you believe in.

Step 2. Go to Washington DC with fellow pro-life protesters to make your voice heard.

Step 3. Assume you will get same "Aw, shucks, they are just exercising their power of free speech" treatment as the Occupy Wall St. crowd got a few months ago from the Commander in Chief.

Step 4. Decide to pray, because you believe that doing so may just get a few things changed.

Step 5. As many religious folk have done before you, get on your knees in an effort to pray with greater reverence. Remember, Indiana Jones fans, only the penitent man shall pass!

Step 6. Get arrested for praying on your knees because it falls under "disobeying a lawful order."
We didn't know about the kneeling...honest!
Step 7. Pay $100 fine and get out of jail.

Step 8. Become an overnight legend/hero to penitent miscreants all over the world!

On one hand, I totally understand why they got arrested. Law enforcement is pretty clear about what you can and cannot do when it comes to protesting in DC. On the other hand...had it been me...I'd have pulled off a promesa-style prayer where penitents pray while shuffling forward on their knees. Sure I'd end up with bloody knees...but when it comes to religious freedom and the protection of the unborn...I SAY BRING IT.

In all seriousness, Rule 1 when protesting at the White House: STAY ON THE MOVE. You cannot stand still, you cannot sit, and you cannot camp out. You cannot remain stationary at all, because doing so is...well, not allowed. Still, as far as standing up (or in this case, kneeling down in prayer) for what you believe in, I'd say the $100 fine was well worth it. Someone please start a donation drive for these penitent miscreants.

Speaking of penitent miscreants:

Sorry Tebow, no kneeling exemptions for you... dreamy, dreamy man.
No exceptions! Not even you Aragorn...
you gorgeous, gorgeous King of Gondor.

Disobeying a lawful order by LOITERING!?!?
What is wrong with you guys!?! Geesh!
Next think you know, you'll be Occupying Camelot...
In other news tonight: US BISHOPS FOR THE WIN!!! Now when they say that Catholic means universal, they do mean UNIVERSAL. This story here is what they are talking about....and it is definitely worth a Catholic Science Geek 21 Nun Salute!

HUZZAH for the Bishops!!!
Pax Vobiscum

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  1. I hadn't heard of this. Thanks for posting about it. You're right, the guy is a hero.