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Condensed Catholic with a Touch of Mantilla, it's not a type of soup....even if it does sound like one.

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I always seem to take detours from studying...
Who wouldn't when the path of procrastination
looks a lot more fun than epidemiology...
It's more like 7 links to a few good reads that I've checked out this past week...when I felt like taking a break from studying. If you haven't already noticed...I am such a procrastinator. 

If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably already seen many of these links. If not, you are in for a condensed version of some of the stories and blog posts that I have enjoyed recently. Feel free to check them out and join me as I venture farther and farther into the land of procrastination!

Oh, and just so you know... a padre complimented me on how I dressed up for mass. He said that it was how people should dress up for mass. Let's just say it involved an ankle-length cape, opera gloves, and a mantilla.

Who would have ever thought that I would ever look nice for mass?!?!
Can you believe it?!!
This person...THIS PERSON....dressed up nice to mass.
Just look at me...I'm one step away from Barbarian on a typical day...

I must say that I never expected for a mantilla to make such a difference in the way I present myself on a  given Sunday. I used to be (and can still be...) a t-shirt and jeans mass-goer...but I don't feel as comfortable in t-shirts and jeans anymore when it comes to mass.  I am not saying that there should be turned away at the church entrance if they don't try dressing up for mass or that I look down upon people who dress up in t-shirts and jeans. However, I will say that I've been putting more of an effort into my Sunday wardrobe ever since I started donning the mantilla....and I feel better about it. There's something about the reverent wearing of lace over your head...that makes you want to make sure the rest of you looks nice. 

It's almost like that mantilla is a reminder that I am, in fact, in God's presence...and that I should be respectful of that and attempt to look my best. I am sure that God doesn't care what people wear as long as they exhibit some form of modesty and dress up within their means. However, He probably does appreciate when people do their best to look nice when they are in his presence. 

Did I ever think I would ever be one of those people who would dress up nicely for mass? No...especially not during the rebellious teenage years that resulted from a childhood of Sunday dresses and white Easter bonnets (that matched those of my sisters!). I guess stranger things have happened....

Pax Vobiscum

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