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Anti-Catholicism at its Finest (and Most Redundant)

I'm going to avoid using names, dates, events, and any other references that may add to the hype. Personally, I feel that Catholic rage is all the rage these days (pun intended) and all the cool people tend to incite it whenever they want some free publicity. There really must be a line-up somewhere for all the mediocre voices and talents out there in dire need of extra hype at little or no cost to the music industry. Perhaps it’s some form of initiation ritual into the music industry? Gone are the days where publicity was reserved for incredible talent, acts of heroism, and...well...other worthy reasons. I refuse to even mention these “Let’s-Go-and-Offend-a-Catholic-Today” artists because even a name mention is free publicity. (Yes, the pictures below will certainly lead to some extra image search results somewhere down the line...but I am just going to use them to illustrate a point.)

I've heard a lot about the latest fancy-schmancy award show celebrating mediocre talent and Adele (who actually has a great voice, in my opinion). I didn't watch it as I was too busy studying (how nerdy), but I have a pretty good idea about why people are offended. Between all the status updates and pictures on the internet, I have a pretty decent play-by-play description bouncing around in my head. I refuse to watch the video because that's one more undeserved Youtube hit. I also have a pretty good idea of how offended I would be by watching I refuse to watch it. To this day I have yet to actually watch the last half of some woman's video for a song titled the Spanish version of the name Alexander (use your imagination)...because the first half offended me enough.

Yes that video ended up bothering a bunch of Catholics and other folk due to the religious imagery used (and abused). However, what disgusted me most from the get-go was the objectification of the human male and female body in this video. I find nothing more demeaning to human sexuality, or more offensive to my belief that the body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, than the treatment of the human body as little more than a means to an end. I didn’t even care about the homo-eroticism part of the video.

What bothered me first and foremost about this video was simply the way the men "danced" and writhed around her as well as each other. It was extremely demeaning. They were acting like animals…not human beings made in the image and likeness of God. It bothered me as much as I am usually bothered by hordes of half-naked women “dancing” around males in other videos. It’s just the lack of dignity these “dancing” individuals display. It’s the portrayal of these individuals as little more than means for physical pleasure. I don’t care what sort of wages these background “dancers” made in order to trample over their own dignity…but whatever it was…it definitely was not enough. Watching such objectification, regardless of sex, just makes me extremely uncomfortable…and so I stopped watching and never resumed.

Well, before I get too off topic, back to the statuses following this weekend's latest Anti-Catholic display of “talent.” Among my friends' statuses, there was disapproval. There was outrage. There was annoyance. There was even some disbelief. I can understand the first three reactions...but not so much the fourth. Why?

Well, considering how often I've seen a variation of this:
Because nothing says "Anti-Establishment and Anti-Religion Badass" like the Cross of St. Peter 
and demons rocking out on a mountain of creepy blood-soaked dismembered bodies... 

How many times we have been bombarded by variations of this:

We get don't like the Pope....but was this really necessary? 

How many times I’ve wanted to burn this out of my mind:

Your uber-Catholic grandmother must really be proud...
...of you mocking her religion

And how many times we've seen these....

Just because the KKK did it, it doesn't mean it's ever a good idea...

...Are we really that surprised that this was allowed to happen?

*shaking my head more out of embarrassment for her than any offense*

Yeah...I am neither shocked...nor surprised. Maybe it's because I've seen it time and time again. Maybe it's because everyone else has done it. Maybe it's because it's just redundant at this point. Whatever the case, this was pathetic. I’m just not surprised by stuff like this anymore. The whole "Let's bother the Catholics to make more headlines" thing is just getting old.

Please...please...please...for the love of all that is good in this world...somebody please pick some other shocking thing....something that doesn't involve the very much played-out anti-Catholicism. Please give me something NEW and ORIGINAL to make headlines.... something that would be so extremely out of place in the music industry that it would surely make you stand out among all the mediocre singers out there with strangely-named children....Wait...what's this?!?!?

Thanks for helping me out with my new idea Tebow... dreamy, dreamy man....

Well, here's something completely shocking...prayer! I know I don't see "artists" doing much of that these days (genuine or not). This whole faith thing certainly made headlines in the football maybe there's a place for it in the music industry. NOW THAT would be something so new, edgy, and original...that it may just lead to a little "unwanted" publicity.

Oy vey. I guess I will have to start praying for religious tolerance (including Catholicism) more often.

Pax Vobiscum.

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  1. Love it - Love that you're blogging!!! Thanks for writing!