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New Title: One of the BEST Movies EVER

EDIT: Original title of post
Update: It appears that my title to this post may have been flagged as spam or offensive material by Facebook. I tend to post links to my posts on my Facebook updates so friends and family can read my posts. Therefore, I decided to change the title with hopes that the new link may be more Facebook friendly. Stupid facebook.
Update 2: It seems that Facebook hates blogger. Sorry to anyone who can no longer link to my posts directly from Facebook. Grrr!  Why are people allowed to post about celebrity babies...when I am not allowed to post about my blog?!?! UBER LAME! Well, it may just be a lesson in patience. 
Firstly, I do intend for the title of this post to sound as imperative as possible. Your life may not depend on whether or not you listen to what I am about to tell you, but I know that listening to me on this matter may just make your life...perhaps even change your life. 

Okay, before I continue to convince you to watch a movie whose title I haven't even mentioned yet....

I just finished watching one of the best movies I have ever seen in my entire life. No, I am not talking about Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

Even the poster for this movie is awesome and...dare I say it...BADASS!

Well, there you have it. I am talking about There Be Dragons. If you recall, it is the first movie I had mentioned in my Catholic Science Geek To Watch List way back in May. I never got a chance to see it in theaters (along with the other two movies I mentioned...and many more on my not-so-Catholic To Watch List)...because...well, let's face it...I'm a PhD student. 
Have I ever told you about the time I was in the lab during an earthquake? True Story. I'm serious.
PhD Comic by Jorge Cham

I did, however, manage to do something right. I went on Amazon, signed up for updates as to when this movie would be made available...and then pre-ordered it once it did become available. Well, it arrived in the mail on Tuesday. I had tickets to Godspell on Tuesday night and did not come back until late (review on this show to come...eventually) I decided to treat myself on Wednesday evening. It was worth the wait. 

This movie is about the life of Josemaria Escriva and that of a friend. I meant to watch it and get a few things done as I watched it, but I was sucked in. The story was beautiful The dialogue was some of the best I have heard in quite a while. The imagery was the type of imagery that you hold onto. I am a big proponent of mini-miracles and this film had plenty of them to show. The mini-miracles experienced by Josemaria Escriva in this movie...are so much like the mini-miracles that can either change a life or go unnoticed. In this movie, Josemaria Escriva is portrayed as one who achieved sanctity by taking the mini-miracles that happened to him...and turning them into a life of holiness and charity (true charity...not simply the alms giving type). 

The story was so touching, that I found myself crying at various moments in this movie. Yes, I get choked up in movies as powerful as this one. If you think the Notebook is a tearjerker...just wait until you see this movie. Not all of us experience the life of Josemaria Escriva or the other main characters in this movie...but we certainly have felt every one of the powerful emotions experienced in this movie. Whether it is a major repentance, unconditional love between mother and child, anger, fear, courage, and will relate to this movie. You will find yourself sharing in the faith of  Saint Josemaria Escriva (yes, *spoiler alert* he becomes a saint). You will find yourself feeling the anger of Manolo. You will find yourself feeling the fear of those Spaniards who went into hiding to escape the murder and the bloodshed. You will feel the same indignation felt by Josemaria's brothers in faith when you witness the cold-blooded murder of a beloved priest. 

Most haunting, however, was how accurately this film portrayed the mob mentality. You will see the same confusion, anger, resentment, and potential for violence in this movie as we've seen in recent news regarding civil unrest and all this "Occupy" rubbish. It's striking just how so many things in the lives we live now are paralleled in this movie. You see the not-so-wonderful products of revolutions...the deaths, the betrayals, the sadness, the senseless waste of life. You see the not-so-great products of the feelings we may harbor on a day to day basis....jealousy, ire, the need for revenge, greed, etc. This movie was incredible...just incredible.

Also, it was quite an inspirational movie. I will certainly have to model my life after that of St. Josemaria and take a few lessons of his with me in my everyday life. Furthermore, I will certainly have to add St. Josemaria to the long list of saints whose intercession I ask for on a day to day basis. Based on what I've gathered from this movie and a few things I have read, something tells me that this guy really understands the struggle that people go through to avoid sin and seek God. He understands God's love for His many (and very diverse) children...and he also understands that it may take a lifetime for a sinner to confront his "dragons" and ultimately defeat them in order seek holiness and glorify God. I highly recommend this movie to everyone....and I do mean everyone. 

Pax Vobiscum

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