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I am Facebook friends with a lovely lady that I went to school with back in the day. She was a year ahead of me, but one of those all-around great people with a dynamic personality. A few weeks back, she posted something that caught my eye and made my inner Catholic scream "AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH!?!?!"

In case you're wondering, my inner Catholic has terrible grammar skills. She's all spirit and not really an English major....hence the word "Ain't." Please kids, don't ever use this word when writing a college admission assay.

It was a picture. It wasn't a photograph of some celebrity they had just met on the street. It wasn't a picture or them posing with a "You've just won a million dollars from insert place or contest here" check.  It was a picture of something so incredibly simple that it could probably be overlooked by the average person on any given day. Yet, it was something so out of the ordinary that it could inspire the average person on a day where inspiration is needed. I, for one, saw it as one of those mini-miracles that will touch a person's life if that person pauses long enough to notice them. I saw it as one of the many examples of how God can touch our lives in His mysterious and, sometimes, almost imperceptible ways...especially once I found out the story!

Again, my inner Catholic says
She posted this picture with the "Ok now this is just getting scary" in the caption beneath it.

My inner geek's curiosity could not be contained and I just had to know the story behind it. Instead of letting my inner Catholic abuse the English language any further, I am just going to post a slightly doctored screenshot of the conversation that followed. Names and photographs have been altered for privacy. I kept the photograph of myself reading the Hobbit (I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!). I've labelled myself as "CatholicSciGeek" and the owner of the fortune cookies (and the incredible story) has been labelled as "Geek's Friend." All other people, known and unknown are labelled as "Person 1," etc. and given a different background color. Note my awesome Microsoft Paint Skills or lack thereof.

How awesome is that!?!?

Pax Vobiscum

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