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10 months and over 10,000 views later...

...I get the biggest comments section "Thank You" ever.  If you don't feel like clicking back to the original post, I'll save you the trouble and just post the comment here!
I think I'm actually addicted to your blog. I know this is the first post, but that's because I actually dug back to the beginning after starting at the end. Here is something I posted on my facebook page today after having read your review and interview of Genesis One Code:
"I think I'm in love with this blog! Finally! FINALLY I find more people (AND ONE A CATHOLIC NO LESS!) that believes in a compatibility between science and religion! Better yet! Someone with a BS in Biology and MS in molecular biology! I WANT TO MEET THIS PERSON! The Author of "Genesis One Code" seems to have the right idea: just because science can explain so much, doesn't mean we don't need God or that God has no place in our world, or the other way around! I may just have to read this and see for myself... 
¡Viva la religión y la ciencia!" 
I recently took a nanotechnology course that refreshed (and finally drilled in) my love of biology and science (go AFM lecture!). For a long time I've been pondering God's constant nudging toward science/medical fields and what to do with it, as well as trying to find my own answers to Science and Religion, rather than Science vs Religion...not to mention attempting to keep a middle-ground with my Athiest (and Geology post-grad) friend. 
I know it's rather long winded, but really all of that ^^^ is just a preamble to a very BIG thank you from me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog, really.
Another science/religion nut! Hooray! I believe this calls for a Cool Catholic Award.

Thank you Feanturi Jedi...for pretty much making my day.

This is one of the biggest reasons why all of those hours of research and blog posting are worth it. Feanturi Jedi, you just made my day.

Also, my thanks to all the other readers out there. I certainly never expected so many followers and I definitely never imagined to have this many blog views in 10 months. Really, thank you to everyone.

And for the Latin geeks out there: Gratias maximas tibi ago!

Pax Vobiscum


  1. I recently learned about how sperm whales have this giant sack of oil in their massive heads. When it's cold, it hardens and allows them to sink. When it's liquid, it lets them rise. It also serves as an amplifier for their "clicks", that sonar echo they create through one nostril...

    Anyway, whenever I learn about things like this, it blows my mind at what an inventor God is, that he grew organic submarines out of nothing. Thank you for being an internet presence affirming God's ingenuity, rather than entropy's accident.

  2. Woohoo! Another science/religion nut. Really cool facts, btw. I have to brush up on my whale info now!