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Happy "Punch a Heretic in the Face" Day

Okay, I am taking a break from reading about capsaicin receptors, because today's feast day cannot be ignored. Today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas.

I know what you're thinking...
One coke-induced sugar rush later, and he's ready for his scheduled world domination...
For most people, today is just any other day. I mean, we've seen that jolly man in red since Thanksgiving when everyone from Coca-Cola to your local mall has been plastering images of this guy everywhere. Considering how this guy is commercialized enough as is, there is no need to put this guy in the spotlight any more than he already is...that heinous, sweatshop-running, representation of over-commercialization.
He doesn't make toys because he's too busy joining forces
with one of the most badass Catholics of all time...
the REAL Saint Nicholas

For some, more traditional is the day where kids leave out wooden shoes (or not-so-wooden) in hopes that they will contain toys or fruit after this saint makes a visit. Tradition holds that his saint was extremely generous and gave all he could to the poor.
I will take the pair to the Right, thank you very much...
Image borrowed from here
For those who really love a good Medieval tale, it is said that he once resurrected three children through prayer. This is quite a feat, considering that these children had been murdered by an evil butcher, cut up, and sold as ham.
For those who, like me, appreciate an even more badass Catholic commemorates the man who punched a heretic in the face in the name of proper Christological orthodoxy. It all started one day either during or following the Council of Nicaea when the Arian heresy was in the process of getting shot down. This heresy stated that Christ was created and had not existed from all eternity. Believe it or not, this heresy had quite a following in these days. One of these followers, some guy by the name of Arius, refused to back down and went on arguing in its favor. The argument went back and forth as tempers flared. Saint Nicholas, true to his faith and inner badass Catholic, battled on with Arius...trying to put an end to the debate. As Emperor Constantine and all sorts of awesome early Catholics looked on, Saint Nicholas put an end to the debate by knocking out Arius.
Take that you heretic!
Talk about knocking some sense into someone! Needless to say, the matter was put to an end and now we got a pretty good reason to celebrate a day like this one.

Pax Vobiscum

***DISCLAIMER*** I am totally joking about punching people in the face. I DO NOT ENDORSE ANY FORM OF PUNCHING...HERETICS OR OTHERWISE.

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