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And the first 21 Nun Salute Award Goes To...The Fool

Congrats Fool! You made it on the paper and actually made us
Catholics look good...which is quite a feat these days when it
comes to the media... 
The Fool! younger sister.

Why? Because she "still messes up" when it comes to the new mass translation.

The funny thing is, the reporter messed up too (it should be "and also with you" not "and always with you"). However, as my sister (kind soul that she is) pointed out, the reporter wasn't they're off the hook here.

In all seriousness, my sister is getting the award for making it on the paper with her review of the New Mass Translation. I'm so proud!

"I think it's a beautiful change because that was originally there," Soares said after Mass concluded. A student of moral theology at Seton Hall University, Soares, 24, said she felt the language changes brought the congregation closer to Jesus Christ. "These words have a deeper meaning than what we've been saying before."

HUZZAH TO THE  FOOL for her profound wisdom!

Check out the rest of the article HERE!

I completely forgot to mention that I only messed up once during mass this past Sunday! On the other hand, I messed up quite a lot this past Thursday during the Feast of the Immaculate Conception mass.

Pax Vobiscum!

And with your spirit!

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