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Would this be offensive?

As much as I love awarding the "Catholic Facepalm" to things that are otherwise classified as "epic fails" and the "Cool Catholic" award to cool Catholics,  I have come to the conclusion that my award system is incomplete. My award system needs some form of positive reinforcement that can be awarded to people, places, ideas, things, etc. that may or may not be Catholic. They must, of course, be awesome in some way. While searching for nun pictures yesterday, I came across a picture that I thought was pretty awesome and would like to make an award out of it called the "21 Nun Salute." It would, of course, be an award of honor similar to the military's "21 Gun Salute." With this award, I will finally be able to award all sorts of awesome people, places, things, and ideas!

My only problem is while I think this idea would be awesome, I don't want to offend anyone out there. Any thoughts?

Pax Vobiscum


  1. Are you worried about offending people in the military, or just that the pairing of guns with nuns would be offensive?

    I can imagine some uber-hyper-sensitive souls being offended on the first account--maybe?? I wouldn't worry about it. As for the guns with nuns aspect, well ... the nuns posed for the photo to begin with, so obviously they had a sense of humor. :) Hopefully most folks would also!

  2. I'm with OR. Who could possibly be offended by a 21 nun salute? It's a great idea! Heck, before the first mass with the new english missal, you anglophone folks should have one.

  3. I love it! How do I go about winning such a thing?