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What do you call a sleepwalking nun?


Get it!?!? This was the best Laffy Taffy joke I have ever and will ever find.

While looking for a suitable picture for this Laffy Taffy joke post, I came across this pretty awesome article. It's almost two years old, but I enjoyed it. While I am not the biggest fan of Oprah and though this is the only time I have ever read anything on the site, or even visited the site for that matter, I got to's pretty good. It features what life is like with the Dominican Sisters of Mary in Detroit. Apparently, this particular order is doing pretty well. Some of the stories these women had are pretty incredible.

One stood out in particular...
Sister Francis Mary...
One of the most awesome people on the internet.
Sister Francis Mary, now 26, says she received the calling when she was 22. Though she was baptized Catholic, Sister Francis Mary says she wasn't particularly religious. In fact, she thought she was meant to marry her serious boyfriend, who was also Catholic.
All of that changed when her boyfriend invited Sister Francis Mary to see his own sister take her vows to become a nun. "Something within me changed," she says. "All of a sudden, I knew that Christ wanted me for himself. And it was mind-boggling. I was afraid."
Eventually, she had to tell her boyfriend of her new life plan. "We both cried," she says. "He was really shocked at first, but then again he was extremely supportive and I am so grateful to him."
As it turns out, God had plans for her boyfriend as well. "God takes care of everything," she says. "He's going to be ordained a priest the same year I make my final vows."
Talk about awesome story! I highly suggest reading this article. It pretty much made my fruitless search for a relevant sleepwalking nun photograph worth it. Word to the wise: Be sure to turn on some sort of content filter when Google image searching anything nun-related. There are some pretty gross people out there with pretty disgusting imaginations...which can only mean there are more people out there in serious need of prayer.

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