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Saint George to the Next Level

I just had to share the doodle I started yesterday...because it may just be the most badass Catholic thing I have ever started doodling. You've seen St. George slay a dragon...but have you ever seen him defeating a dragon several times his size by driving a shield into it's mouth and then delivering a mortal blow with a two-handed sword? Exactly...which is why I had to share. Perhaps I may have to show the finished product (which may take anywhere between a day to a year or so...depending on how much time I have on my hands).

In case you are interested, King Arthur is the runner up for most badass Catholic doodle (King Arthur would have been Catholic if he ever existed).

And in third place, is my quasi-Catholic work is this triptych depicting Beren and Luthien. My defense for adding this work to the list? Well, Tolkien was Catholic and Beren was badass. That's close enough for me to add Silmarillion-based art to this list. 

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