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Old-school Fairy Godmother

I am probably the worst when it comes to dropping I'm just going to put it out there....

I want to be a godmother.

Only a lot more badass than this one...
There, I said it. Unfortunately, every time someone is expecting...the opportunity never comes. You see, I'm not really the type of person that comes to mind when it comes to choosing a godparent. In my circles, it usually goes to a relative and even though there have been kids born among my relatives, I was a bit young to be chosen as a godparent. Gone are the days of my father's childhood, where people had so many kids that everyone tended to have a godchild or two. In the case of my dad, he was a godparent to quite a few people...including one of his siblings. Then again, I do have one cousin who tends to be first in line for the godfather role whenever his relatives and/or friends have babies. I myself asked his wife to be my confirmation sponsor...because these guys are awesome. Therefore, I don't blame all these people for choosing my cousin for this role because...let's face it....he's pretty awesome.

However, I cannot help but be a very tiny bit jealous of all these people when they get picked for the role for the second....the third....fourth....fifth time.

Let's face it. I'm a PhD student. I don't really have time to form those lifelong "cocktails every Friday" BFFs. I am not the type of person who gets to see people very often. Therefore, I will most likely never get chosen for a role as badass as "Godmother."

In the days of early Christianity, people tended to enter Christianity without having the background or knowledge that we are born into these days. Let's face it, we were a persecuted people that could not necessarily throw a baptism party for every baby that was born. No, Christianity was a thing of secrecy that exploded in its early age. People who had formerly worshiped the Roman gods of the state, etc. joined the Christian world in secrecy, fearing for their lives. They feared the same persecution that is going on now in the Middle East. Even so, they loved their new-found faith and sought to learn more.

They couldn't just pop on by to the local library and pick up a bible under the cover of night. In those days, the bible was circulated in single letters, our early doctrines preached in abandoned graveyards in the dead of night. Our gospels were written on parchment, hidden in clay pots, or destroyed for fear of discovery. Also, not everyone could read. Therefore, in those days, godparents served a pretty important role. They acted as another set of parents that would guide their newly baptized Christian brothers and sisters and teach them the ways of the faith. They would preach whatever gospel they had once heard from a travelling band of preachers. They would share whatever mysteries of the faith that they had learned by word of mouth. In short, they acted as teachers, preachers, CCD teachers, parents, protectors, and so many other roles.

Okay, this is more like it...
That's how I look at the role of a godparent. I mean, I would definitely be there for the kid's baptism...but I would not want to stop there. I would not want to be the type of godparent that attends the baptism and then falls off the face of the earth...beyond sending the mandatory birthday card with $10 stuffed into it. I guess I would be more old-school about it. I would want to be there for the child's big moments (graduation, soccer games, etc).....but I would definitely also want to be a part of their faith formation. I would love to be able to take them to mass and brunch afterwards. I would love to give them their first rosary and help them learn to pray. I would love to be there for their first communion, confirmation, and even wedding. I would love to share my own knowledge, experiences, mistakes, and other things usually reserved for parents or mentors. As crazy as it sounds, I want to bring back the days where the godparent IS like a parent or mentor...rather than a "godparent in name only." Even Sirius Black was more than that to Harry Potter...and he was on the run for an alleged murder!

When I was younger, I had a great set of godparents. At least, my mom thought so. Don't get me wrong, they are great people. The only problem is that they were based in another country and I never got the chance to really do much bonding with them...until a few years ago. Before then, I still remember being at the dinner table with my family and proclaiming that I had no godparents. Though this was stated in the days of my teenage rebellion stage...I still regret how unfair I was in my judgment. It wasn't their fault that they lived in Portugal, while I lived in the US. It wasn't their fault that they couldn't be there for me when it came to major live achievements and holidays. I know that now. However, at the time, I think it was jealousy that drove me to make such an unkind declaration. I wanted to have a closer relationship with them, but it just was not possible. Fortunately, in this day and age, we have Facebook. I am friends with my godparents on Facebook and have even had the chance to visit them in the last few we DO have a more personal relationship than we had in my younger years. I am thankful for that.

I hope that I get to become a godparent one day. If the chance never comes up, well, I suppose I can handle it. I have plenty of cousins that I can continue to spoil with Renaissance Faire trips, science, geekery, and all that is good and Catholic (like a children's bible in Portuguese--->SWEETEST FIND EVER!!!). With that said, I cannot wait to see them all again for Thanksgiving. I'll be the nutty older cousin sitting at the kid's table, telling jokes, and playing with my food as I explain how tryptophan works.

Pax Vobiscum

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