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Just Fire Your Kid's SAT Tutor...

I got to say, based on what I have heard thus far about the changes taking place with this New Roman Missal, Catholic kid SAT scores are going to skyrocket once Advent rolls least when it comes to verbal scores. Check out some of the words we will soon see:

Consubstantial- (adj) of the same substance
Clemency- (noun) a disposition to be merciful
Ineffable- (adj) incapable of being expressed in words
Oblation- (noun) the act of making a religious offering

Whoah! Talk about giving Catholic kids an advantage! I can't think of any other place that will use the words above and most of these words on a weekly basis.

Each homily I've heard for the past few weeks has been mentioning this huge change to the Roman Missal in English speaking countries. I guess the padres have been trying to ease us into all the changes that are about to happen. I know that there will be some people out there that will be dragged into this new translation kicking and screaming the whole way (like some of the people in the comments section here)...but I welcome it (hence my reply to can probably guess which one I am). I will even go so far as to say that I can't wait for it. I can't wait to use terminology that's closer to the Latin that I love so dearly, and to speak in a way that better reflects the ideas and beliefs passed down to us from our Church fathers.

Aragorn's thoughts on the New Roman Missal...
As I mentioned above, there are going to be quite a few advanced words thrown into the mass. Not all of us will be familiar with the new vocabulary...but I feel that it may be necessary. It's a good way to freshen up the mass and the new terminology is just what we need in an age where things are increasingly dumbed down for us. We may revel in our new technologies...but how much do we push ourselves to learn and understand new things. Terms like "LOL" have become the norm in today's culture...which demonstrates that new words can be introduced into everyday life. Lengthy, polysyllabic words, on the other hand, have come to disappear over time. Today, you mostly see them on flashcards and exams.

As much as I hate to admit it, we seem to be getting increasingly stupid as the technology around us advances. We may have progressed from black and white television to flat screened HD goodness...but what have we got to show for it? Watching garbage TV on these gadgets hasn't made us any smarter than we were in the days before television. If we were to get thrown into the middle of the woods with nothing but a compass and a map...we'd be screwed! I've learned how to use a compass as well as a map in my day, but even with several years of plant courses under my belt...I still would be as good as dead. However, if you were to throw someone in the middle of a forest 200 years ago...they'd have a log cabin built and smoked sausage hanging from the rafters within a year. Sure they may not have had penicillin in those days, but they probably could take care of themselves far better we can today. Just think of how many times you've run off to the doctor fearing you were on death's door, only to have them say that all you need is rest and fluids because there's no real cure for the flu.

Call me old-fashioned or crazy, but implementing old school terminology is one of the best ideas our Church has had in these modern times. Not only will we use new words, but we will get out of our comfort zones. We cradle Catholics will be on the same footing as those just entering our Church when it comes to the things we say in mass. They won't be the only ones stumbling through the Credo anymore! Remember the days where you would just repeat things out of memory for decades on end? Well, those days are going to be over as we change things up this Advent. Considering how rarely we use words like "chalice" in real may take a while for us to memorize these words and grow comfortable with them. We will get to use our brains again and immerse ourselves in Catholic theology as we learn these new words and incorporate them into our religious lives.

We will be challenged to think about the terminology we use and even be forced to look up the words we use once we get home...if we don't understand them. Furthermore, we will be given an opportunity to truly understand some ideas, like "consubstantial with the father." This sentence fragment may look like a hot mess...but the belief it stresses is absolutely amazing. "One in being with the father" is an expression that's so vague that it can mean a bunch of things...especially to Catholics who memorized the mass more than they truly understand it. "Consubstantial with the father," on the other hand...means just one thing. It means that Christ is of the same substance as the Father. That's a pretty big deal...especially when you try to understand  the Holy Trinity.

With that said, as far as the New Roman Missal goes...I got two words for you... BRING IT.

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