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How we Cradle Catholics Roll...

I am probably the only cradle Catholic in my lab. Does this bother me? Nope. I got to say, having so much religious diversity in my laboratory is pretty interesting and makes for some pretty great discussions. Today, for example, I had a great time trying to explain how the Catholic faith rolls when it comes to the Eucharist. I have to say, as normal as all of it sounds to me, I tend to get a lot of confused looks when I try to explain anything uber-Catholic to people of other faiths. Sometimes, when I try to understand the confused looks, I try to imagine what it would have been like to step into something like Catholicism with a clean slate. This isn't too easy...because I'm a Cradle Cat. Some ancestor of mine beat me to the punch when it came to entering the Catholic faith. Considering that most of my ancestors were probably some form of barbarians or Celts, I can only imagine what that must have been like....

What the #$@! do you mean NEW ROMAN MISSAL?!?!
I just finished memorizing all the words to the last one!
To this day, I am still at a loss to coherently explain the Eucharist, the Holy Trinity...and even something as simple (or relatively simple) as Purgatory. How do I explain why I've broken down in tears in front of the Eucharist...when all they see up there is a piece of thin, crispy bread? How can you possibly explain the beauty of a Latin mass to someone who probably has never even learned Latin in school? Another issue when it comes to explanations of all that is good and Catholic is time. How in the world can you sum up something like all the beliefs covered by the Nicene Creed in one theology class let alone a 5 minute conversation?!? I got to hand it to modern day people like Bishop Sheen and all those old school missionaries from back in the day...because explaining all the stuff we too often take for granted is very tough. Throw in my lack of theological training (minimal,save for the RCIA classes I took in college because), my insecurities, and my own lack of thorough understanding...and everything becomes even tougher.

Still, I rise to the challenge. If I can't explain it in words, I demonstrate it with action. If I can't demonstrate it with action, I simply go on and live my life as all Catholics are taught to live their lives...with faith, hope, charity, fortitude, justice, prudence, and temperance....all while trying to adhere to the 10 commandments...and doing what I can to love my neighbors. I may not be the best Catholic out there. However, I try to live my life and my faith in a way that can enable everyone I know to say "Well, I do know at least one Catholic out there that doesn't suck."

And that's how I roll.

Pax Vobiscum

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