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A Very Covert Operation

I finally got a chance to watch the Divine Mercy video that the padre suggested I watch the last time I went to confession. I have to say that this video has taught me quite a lot regarding Divine Mercy, the Shroud of Turin, and the painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe. When the priest first described this video to me, I could not understand how Divine Mercy, the Shroud, and Our Lady of Guadalupe could all be connected. After watching this video, I am starting to understand it. The padre suggested that I post about it on my blog....and I will eventually do so...once I have the words...and once I get a few other things finished. 

I just have to point out that God knows exactly what He's doing when it comes to me. Over the past few weeks (perhaps even months), he's been dropping hints. I'm pretty slow when it comes to taking Divine hints, so I kept ignoring the hints. The first hint was "Hey Barbara, maybe you should start looking into the Divine Mercy chaplet." The second hint was "Hey Barbara, forget about studying for that midterm, go to confession." After going to confession, God inspired my confessor to avoid all subtleties and basically school me in all things Divine Mercy-related. Ever since, I've been praying the chaplet. Some days are better than others when it comes to this prayer. Sometimes, my attention is elsewhere....and sometimes it is right on target. Sometimes I get a HUGE revelation...and sometimes nothing happens. In any event, it's been a powerful addition to my everyday prayer life. 

Recently, I've found myself wanting to give away my Divine Mercy holy card to people I see on the subway. I feel compelled to help these people out by sharing the same hope that was shared with me. I am deathly afraid of even looking people in the eye when I'm on the I started getting this idea to simply tape up holy cards for the rosary as well as the Divine Mercy chaplet all over cars and subway stops. That way the message could be shared, and I would not have to face my fear of socializing with strangers on the subway. For those who have never ridden on NYC subways, it is quite an experience. You get all sorts of people riding these trains and not all of them react normally to things like empathy. Just the other week, I sat next to a woman who turned out to be crying. I asked her if she was okay and if she needed help...only for her to yell at me and move away from me as if I were a member of the KGB.

I am pretty sure there are people out there that would even run away from Christ himself
if he were to appear to them as he did to Sister Faustina....
After this occurred, as I was discerning the right course of action...I had two things happen to me. First, I kept getting the feeling that I should hand out the cards and face my fears of people on the subway. I discerned the right course of action. In case you're wondering what discernment is like, it's basically like telling God about what's going on and asking him to point out the right course of action. I did exactly that. After praying one morning, I stopped the worrying and the questioning. I simply relaxed and remained quiet until God said something. He did. He told me to hand out the cards. I guess I can't take the easy way out. No matter, because this realization brought another realization....God's got my back. He'll watch over me when it comes to handling subway people and lead me to the people that need these cards. All I have to do is trust him.

Let me take the moment to point out that the Divine Mercy image has the words "Jesus, I trust in You!" Coincidence? I think not.

The second thing happened when I went to a barbecue recently, wearing a shirt that pretty much screamed "Here comes the Catholic kid." (On a side note, I felt compelled to wear this shirt that day...and didn't realize why until now.) I was talking with a few attendees and noted that one of them was wearing a few necklaces with medals on them. I asked this person about the medals, thinking that one of them was a Saint Anthony or a Saint Christopher...even a Saint Michael. These are probably the three most common medals I see these days. I was wrong. No Saint Christopher, Anthony, or Michael medals. Turns out, both of them were Divine Mercy chaplet medals. I mentioned my devotion, much to this person's delight. She proceeded to tell me that not too many people seemed to know about the Divine Mercy...let alone prayed the chaplet. She was also excited to somewhat randomly meet someone who talked and lived the faith. This experience taught me something: As familiar as I am with this chaplet...Divine Mercy is still relatively unknown.

There should be no reason why the Divine Mercy is so unknown. It's not like this chaplet is written in some undecipherable code (if it was, Dan Brown would have written a completely ridiculous book about it that would have certainly become a best seller). It's not condemned by the Church. Then again, if it was condemned by the Church, I can imagine it becoming the "cool thing to do" considering how this world thinks. Considering how many great people championed this devotion (like JPII and Saint Faustina), I cannot understand why this devotion to mercy is so obscure. It's a prayer for MERCY...not a prayer for a disastrous plague...not a prayer of condemnation...not a prayer of hate. It's a prayer that seeks mercy for family and friend as well as enemy. So why is it so obscure?

Fear. (There's nothing more scary these days than talking faith with out friends and family.)

Indifference. (The idea that if I'm good with God, screw everyone else...because their salvation is irrelevant.)

The idea that "someone else" will spread it. (That's what missionaries are for...right?)

At this point, I know what Christ wants me to do for him. He knows that I finally got the huge message and has started helping me with the part II of his plan. I am starting to get the ball rolling and have discerned how I should go about doing everything. I've resolved to buy bunch of holy cards (in English and Spanish) with the Divine Mercy prayer and picture on them. I am going to get the ball rolling as soon as I get some things settled...and when my paycheck comes in (sometime in October...if memory serves me). In the meantime, I have set up a Paypal link toward the bottom of my blog page. Feel free to help offset the costs in the memory of a loved one or out of the goodness of your hearts (because I will probably always be another one of those broke college kid sob stories). I will pray for any intentions sent my specify them if you do decide to donate! If you can't donate (I know I'm not the only broke college kid out there), please pray for me to overcome my fear of handing out these cards and pray that I will remain safe during my subway mission. Also feel free to send some encouragement in the comment section!

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Well, I got Neuroscience I am afraid I got to go!

Pax Vobiscum

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