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Prayer Request for a Raven

When I was a kid, my mom and my sisters used to go on walks throughout the neighborhood. Sometimes we would come across little critters that needed help. Naturally, my sisters and I would beg my mom about taking the critters home with us so that we could nurse them back to health and raise them as our own. I still remember taking home baby birds and a baby bunny. For the record, we were no substitute for their critter moms or their critter habitats...but we did what we could to take care of them nonetheless.

I came across a bird in need of help today on my way to class. I was in a rush, but I could not ignore her. You see, this bird was not actually a bird. She was a young, very pregnant mother who had finally gotten the courage to leave an abusive relationship. Her name was Raven." She was sitting at the subway stop with a sign asking for food or money that ended with a "God Bless You. She had her whole life packed up behind her. Her whole life fit into a small suitcase and a box.

Artwork by Victoria Frances
As much as it breaks my heart remembering this, she also still carried the marks of her past life on her face. Her left eye still had a large bruise that was literally was the size of someone's fist. I cannot imagine who could ever do something like this to a fellow human being...let alone a very pregnant young woman...the mother of your child. I cannot believe that anyone could be so evil.

I saw her right after I got off the subway train and without thinking, the first thing I did was go to Starbucks. I don't know why I did this, but I got a pumpkin scone, a toasted bagel, and a bottle of water. The bottle of water made sense because everyone drinks water and needs a certain amount every 3 days or so to survive. The bagel and cream cheese also kind of makes sense. It's pretty filling and a lot of people eat bagels. The pumpkin scone, even as I was buying it, made no sense. I thought I had to be crazy buying a pumpkin scone...because it's not someone that everyone likes. It's also not one of the first foods that come to mind when it comes to sustenance. Besides, there was no way of telling whether or not she even liked pumpkin scones. Maybe it was because I was hungry and my subconscious mind wanted me to eat that scone eventually. I then bought a Starbucks card and put some money on it.

I somehow got out of that Starbucks in time to get back into the subway. Without thinking, I took a mini rosary out of my backpack (the mini rosary I keep with all my saints medals) and took out my rosary guide (with the nice pictures of the mysteries). I scribbled out a note on the back of the receipt with my email address, pretty much begging her to contact me when she got the chance...because I could put her in touch with some people to help her out.

Being my somewhat socially awkward geek self, the first thing I say when I come up to her is "Do you like pumpkin scones?"

Turns out, she actually did like pumpkin scones. Turns out, she was a very sweet person. Turns out, I had the same name as her grandmother. The bruise on her face was terrible, but her smile was wonderful and she really was incredibly nice. I asked her if she had a place to stay and she told me that she was staying at a hostel during the nights. She was stranded, but it seemed like she was trying to get to a place where her and her baby could be safe. I could not help her with a train ticket at the time, or with a house, or with a number of things...but I was able to help her out in some way. She was very thankful for what help I could give her and was even thankful for the rosary and guide ("in case you need some help spiritually too").... However, I fear that this may not be enough. Please, pray that she emails me. I already got in touch with some people that may be able to help her out....I just need for her to get in touch with me.

Please pray that she, and other women in similar situations have to courage to walk out on abusive lives and stay away from abusive individuals. I gave her what encouragement I could at the time...but please pray that God may continue to bless her with courage and hope. Please pray that mothers like her find the safety and love that all people deserve. Please pray that her baby will be born healthy and will know what it feels like to be loved. The child already has a mother willing to face the unknown for the chance to a safe, loving future. Please pray that it will work out for them.

Thank you!

Pax Vobiscum.


  1. What a beautiful thing to have done! I think the pumpkin scone was inspired. The rest was utilitarian, the scone was human and full of love. You saw her as a young woman, not as a statistical entity who needed calories and fluids.

    Prayers? You bet. For both of you.

  2. Thank you so much for the prayers!

  3. The Sisters of Life in NYC help out young pregnant women!!! She can stay with them, and they help get women back on their feet too!!

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  5. I had a few other people point me to them. I just hope I get an email! Tomorrow, I will be by where she was this past Tuesday...hopefully I will see her again if she can't email! Will bring Sisters of Life print outs just in case.